Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas Where Female Chases Male Lead First

Korean dramas know how to show when a male lead falls first, but they are also not behind while showing the vice versa about girls chasing the boys first, making the story more romantic to watch for the audience.

1. Playful Kiss

Playful Kiss is a 2010 teenage K-drama that gives the proper vibe of a bubbly high-school love story. Oh Ha-Ni is an unpopular girl in love with Baek Seung-Jo, who is popular and better in every aspect of her. He cannot stand her, but circumstances, Oh Ha-Ni and her father have to live in the same house as Baek Seung-Jo and his parents.

2. Extraordinary You

Extraordinary You is a fantasy K-drama about a beautiful girl, Eun Dan-oh, who finds out that she lives in a comic world and everyone is a character from a comic book. The writer gave her the worst storyline as she has a heart disease and is engaged to her long-time crush, who cannot stand her. She takes matters into her own hands and decides to change her fate and meets a nameless student 13, who saves her from problems.

3. A Love So Beautiful 

A Love So Beautiful is another teenage drama with a comforting vibe. Shin Sol-i is a bubbly girl who attends Chun Ji High School. She has a crush on her classmate and neigh, Cha Heon. Cha Heon is an awkward teenage boy who doesn’t know how to handle the confession of Shin Sol-i, and it turns into a disaster for both of them.

4. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay is a recent hit that will surely make you cry a bucket of tears. Moon Gang-tae and his brother, Sang-tae, frequently move from town to town. His brother is autistic and witnessed their mother’s murder. Gang-tae is a caregiver in a psychiatric ward and meets a famous children's book writer, Ko Moon-young, who seems to have an Antisocial Personality Order. The trio unintentionally heal each other's wounds, making the story heartwarming.

5. Suspicious Partner 

Suspicious Partner is a mysterious comedy-drama about a prosecutor, Noh Ji-Wook, and his prosecutor trainee, Eun Bong-chee. While working on a case involving a murderer, they find out how they are also connected to each other’s past. However, the story takes a turn when Eun Bong-hee starts to suspect herself for the murder.

6. Fight For My Way

Fight For My Way is a comedy friendship drama that blooms into a romantic relationship. Ko Dong Man, a former Taekwondo champion, and Choi Ae Ra, a receptionist, are best friends yet cannot stand each other. They are chaotic together and always at each other's throats. However, both have problems following their dream as life throws many obstacles to them.

7. Itaewon Class

While watching Itaewon Class, you will get all the feels about revenge and rebellion to achieve the dream one has. Park Sae-ro-yi’s father gets killed in an accident, and he tries to kill the suspect. He gets jailed, and after seven years, he decides to follow his father's steps of opening the bar after being released from jail. However, he is not good with business and meets Jo Yi-seo, an intelligent woman.

8. Touch Your Heart

Touch Your Heart describes the story of a famous actress, Oh Jin-shim, who gets caught in a  scandal, which leads to her career decline. After many tries, she gets to play the role of secretary in a drama, but she needs proper training. She had to work as a secretary for a lawyer, Kwon Jung-rok.

9. Sweet 18

Sweet 18 is a 2004 romance K-drama about a girl, Yoon Jung-sook, who is eighteen years old and has to marry Kwon Hyuk-joon, an older man as she is a part of the Korean Clan. They have a 10-year gap and struggle to balance each other because of their age gap. However, their love for each other is something very magical.

10. My Love From The Star

My Love From The Star is a fantasy K-drama about an Alien, Do Min-Joon, who has been living on Earth for years and disguises himself as a college professor. He is introverted and never tries to talk to another human. His neighbor is Cheon Song-Yi, an actress who gets into a scandal, and he helps her to hide in his apartment.