Article: 10 Chinese Movies Which Gave A Tour Of The Cities In Which They Were Shot

Travelling is one of the best experiences one can get in life, and there is an abundance of natural beauty and places to see. Movies are a fantastic way to travel through different cities by just sitting at home all you need to do is open a screen and click a button. Some movies are great for showing the city as they are shot in some of the prominent spots that fans are excited to see. So, here are some amazing Chinese movies that fans love and which gave a tour of the cities in which they were shot:-

1. The Mummy: The Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

The Mummy is a 2008 adventure and action movie that was shot in the Terracotta Army which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. it is a movie about a mummy and a curse related to it. Because of its historic relevance, it takes the viewers to a lot of historic sites along with Xi'an sites and Xi'an city tours.


2. Raise The Red Lantern

This movie came in 1991 but was set in 1920 and holds historic relevance due to which it was shot in Pingyao Ancient city of the Shanxi province. This city is known for its architecture and layout. This movie gives a good tour of all the highlights of this place like castles, scenic beauty that too when you are just sitting at home.


3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

It is one of the most popular Chinese movies abroad and is filmed in the beautiful city of Huangshan of the Yellow Mountain region. This region will make you feel that you are in nature’s lap. This landscape is famous for its scenic beauty, traditional villages, rocks, and pines which also make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in China.


4. The Last Emperor

Forbidden city is the perfect mix between natural beauty and historical architect and the 1987 epic drama, The Last Emperor was filmed in the same city. It is in the Beijing region and the way in which this movie is shot it will give you a tour of all the worth seeing destinations and place of this place.


5. Avatar

A very prominent movie of 2009, Avatar was filmed in yet another beautiful mountain range of China, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China's Hunan Province. And after the success of this movie this destination has gained international recognition. Its natural beauty left the viewers speechless and in love with this place. But this movie faced a ban in China.


6. Hero

This story revolves around the assassination of Jing Ke and is set in a far-off time of 227 BC. Recce for this film was a difficult task but finally, it was made in the beautiful region of Jiuzhaigou. This ancient town gets a lot of tourists every year as it is a popular travel destination.


7. The Painted Veil

It looks like ancient town plays a huge role in the shooting of movies because The painted veil a 2006 romance drama was also filmed in an ancient town named Huangyao. It is the story of a doctor who lives in a small Chinese village is fighting against Cholera and has an unfaithful wife and the location served perfectly to it. This movie gives a virtual tour of this place.


8. The Kite Runner

It is the movie adaptation of an emotional and incredible book by Khaleed Hosseini. It was filmed in Kashgar which lies in China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and movies show you this city well. Earlier it was to be shot in Afghanistan but that didn’t work. This area waws finalized as it has a strong central Asian influence to it.


9. Mission Impossible 3

The popularity of the Mission impossible series is unmatchable and the final parts of its third sequel were shot in Xitang water town which is close to Shanghai. A lot of arteries of China pass through this town and is famous for canals and alleys. It is a must travel destination as it is a good escape from modern cities.


10. The Nightingale

The last movie on our list is The Nightingale which is the story of an old man and his granddaughter. This 2013 movie shows you beautiful places of the city Yangshuo in which it was filmed. It is the perfect glimpse of Chinese village life.