Article: Top 10 Japanese Dramas With A Poor Female Lead

The drama between a poor female and her wealthy partner has always been appealing. Girl waiting for her prince charming to rescue her sounds romantic, right? Knight in shining armor will come, and your dreams will come true. A solid male lead excites everyone. We all admire those men who can make the entire world outraged if their girl is harmed. This gives every girl a chance to dream and be a hopeless romantic. These are the fictional character every girl adore; there is light in the darkness and hope in every arrogant snob. They are just waiting for the right person. Let us just look out at some drama with a poor female lead.

1. Oh, My Boss-love Not Included

Nami Suzuki was born and brought up in a small rural town. Nami was only interested in having an ordinary life. She was not ambitious and didn’t have big dreams. She had a crush on her childhood friend, Kenya. He decides to apply for a job in the supply management department of a large corporation. Nami to reunite with her crush after him, but her fate has another plan: nami gets hired by the editorial department of a fashion magazine. Nami was uninterested in her job and received criticism from her employer for her casual attitude towards it. Nami positively took these criticisms and began to change her ideology towards work while also eyeing Camerman, junnosuke. Watch how her love and career life move forward and the challenges Nami faces.

2. Onzoshi boys

Mugi Ahira, while shuffling through the newspaper, came across a wedding proposal. The heirs of the top corporations in Japan were on a public quest to find their true love, which sounds like a fairytale. She applied to participate in this competition, and she was shocked to get an acceptance letter; out of 700,00 Finally, these three selected girls started shooting, only to realize how difficult it was. Rich and arrogant princes started to tease girls instead of wooing them as they didn’t believe in finding true love, but it is rightly said true love finds you when you least accept it. Fate takes its turn, and things get interesting.

3. Hana Ni Keda Mono

Kumi Kumukara enrolls at a renowned high school for rich kids. There, she met a charming, kind, and attractive lad. Kumi falls into the trap and ends up sharing a kiss with him. Later, she became aware of the fact that; Hyo is a womanizer, and he plays her like every other girl. She is devastated but still cannot shake off her feelings for Hyo, but there’s more to the story. Hyo was not a bad boy, after all, he just made bad decisions and was a pure soul. After realizing these things, how would things change between Kumi and Hyo?

4. Takane And Hana

This drama is a romantic comedy which will entertain till the very end. Sixteen years old, Hana went on a blind date, for a marriage prospect, shocking, right? Hana replaced her sister, who refused to go, so to save the name of the family, Hana took the risk and hoped that things would go smoothly, but destiny had other plans; she met Takane, the handsome heir of the Takaba company. Takane was an arrogant snob, which pissed Hana to her limits. Hana got furious and threw her wig, showing her discontent with marrying him despite his looks, status, and money. Something clicked; Takane finds himself drawn to Hana and accepts the terms of marriage, which complicate things. Let us see how things turn in their lives.

5. You Are My Destiny

Satoh Aya, our female lead, is considered a sticky woman as her desk is usually filled with sticky notes about deadlines and stuff. Aya is an ordinary person and is okay with being one, but her destiny awaits her: Icheijo kei, the young and handsome successor of a large company. Icheijo was always ready to please that one woman who provided him with everything: his grandmother who insisted that Icheijo should get married early, to which he agreed, but the question is none of the girls could make it to his heart. This changed when Aya stepped into his life. Now, things get complicated quickly. Let us wait and watch how they manage to get together.

6. Hana Nochi Hare: Hanadan Next Season

Hana nochi hare takes us ten years ahead of F4’s graduation. Another high school based on friendships and love is lovely! However, after graduation of f4, the school’s worth is steadily declining. So now another student union is made, C5. Haruto was created as the group leader. C5 make it their agenda to kick off poor student to maintain the school’s dignity. Otto being a commoner, studies at Eitoku Academy. She held this secret to survive this hunt. However, Haruto became aware of this secret. Otto threatened him that she’d expose his love for lucky charms, so both decided to keep each other’s secret. This is just the start of their love story, which is hindered when Otto’s fiance comes the same way.

7. Love Is A Phantom

Momoko, young and ignorant, works in a high-end hotel cafe. Momoko works diligently during the day and spends nights wondering if she will ever find her soulmate. Once, she encounters a steamy interaction with a stranger, which provides her hope. It took her no time to learn that he was Kei Hase, one of the high-ranking employees at the hotel; she realized that he was far beyond her reach. Momoko tried shaking off feelings but was unable to do so. Kei is a cold-hearted and arrogant snob, which complicates things. Will this kiss remain a phantom for Momoko?

8. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club is a fun drama to binge. Haruhi is a model student at the prestigious Ouran Academy. While exploring the campus, she stumbled across the music room, which is the host club. In this host club, a group of six male students used to entertain female students. During the first encounter, Haruhi breaks an antique vase which has a high worth of ¥8,000,000 (US$80,000). These six students pursued Haruhi to join the club to pay for the broken vase but they did not realize she was a girl. Let us watch to see how this story unfolds. Through this club, Haruhi’s love life begins.

9. Promise Cinderella

This is not a clique Cinderella story; Hayame Katsuragi is an ordinary housewife. She was living a everyday life before her husband asked for a divorce, which shocked her. With nowhere to go, she stormed out of the house with her belongings but was robbed. So now she was homeless, wandering for a place to stay. She once offended a wealthy, pompous snob from high school, but he was the only one who could assist her. He proposed to give her a place to stay if she agreed to play a game with him first. Hayame had no other option, so she played along, although they had distinct personalities. Thus, sparks fly as these games continue. Essei realized he was falling for Hayame, but was not the only one. This complicates the story and makes it entertaining and a treat to watch.

10. Cursed In Love

Cursed in Love is a murder mystery drama. Hanaoka Nao’s mother used to work in a traditional Japanese sweet shop. Nao and Tsubaki, the owner’s son, were friends. The tragedy occurred when Tsubaki’ski’s father was found dead, and Nao’s mother was arrested due to Tsubaki’s testimony. Nao is now left homeless, and Nao Tsubakibaki abruptly parted ways. After 15 years, they crossed paths again at a competition where Tsubakibaki failed to recognize her and was captivated by her talent. Tsubaki spontaneously proposed to Nao to break a family-arranged wedding. Nao, however, recognizes him and all the pain she had to go through due to his testimony, but she agrees to his proposal because she plans to take her revenge and prove her mother’s innocence. The thing holding her back, though is her love for childhood best friend. Let us embark on the journey of Nao and see things end between these two.