Article: Top Ten Japanese Actors Rocking Their Family Names And Making Them Proud

Families are also the treasurers of your past and future. They are the only method to deliver enjoyment, stress reduction, and a sense of well-being because of their link to good memories, assistance in times of need, and unconditional love. Strong families, according to experts, have six characteristics. Making your parents proud is equivalent to finding happiness, and here are some examples of Japanese performers who have done just that.

1. Kento Yamazaki

With Alice in Borderland, Kento Yamazaki, arguably the most famous Japanese actor of his age, finally got his long-awaited and well-deserved global breakout project.


2. Mackenyu

Mackenyu Arata, also known as Mackenyu, is another well-known young actor. Mackenyu Chiba, the son of Sonny Chiba, a star in Japanese entertainment, was born in Los Angeles, California, and had his first acting job at nine. He splits his time between Tokyo and Los Angeles, taking on projects in both cities. He is fluent in English and Japanese. He made his Hollywood debut in the film Pacific Rising Uprising (2018) as Cadet Ryoichi.


3. Takeru Satoh

Takeru Satoh is a well-known actor in Japan, best known for his portrayal of Kenshin Himura in the live-action version of the popular manga and anime series Rurouni Kenshin. Notably, Kamen Rider cemented his reputation as one of the country's most bankable protagonists.


4. Keita Machida

Keita is a versatile performer. He was supposed to be in a boy band, but an injury forced him to focus only on acting, which turned out to be a wise option, as he now finds himself playing in theatre, TV, and cinema.


5. Kentaro Sakaguchi

Kentaro Sakaguchi is a successful model and one of Japan's most versatile young actors. His acting ranges from romantic comedy to serious drama, making him a versatile performer who can play the lead or supporting role. He's also renowned as the South Korean actor Seo Kang Joon's lookalike.


6. Sota Fukushi

Sota Fukushi, like Kento Yamazaki, is most known for his roles in shoujo manga (manga at a young female audience) adaptations, which cemented his reputation as a romantic lead. His dazzling looks put him on the covers of dozens of Japanese magazines and a slew of sponsorships!


7. Taishi Nakagawa

Despite being one of the youngest members on our list, Taishi Nakagawa has already established himself as a host and model. As Tenma Hase in the second season of Hana Yori Dango, he came to fame and gave us a bad case of second lead syndrome.


8. Jun Matsumoto

He is most known for his role as Domyouji Tsukasa in Hana Yori Dango (the Dao Ming Si to your Meteor Garden). MatsuJun is a multi-award-winning actor and singer who is a member of ARASHI, widely regarded as Japan's most renowned boy band. MatsuJun won the best actor award in the 13th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix for his endlessly happy half-Filipino and half-Japanese Vito in Smile in 2009.


9. Kenshi Okada

Kenshi has shown no signs of slowing down since his debut. He has also begun modeling for high-end labels such as Christian Dior.


10. Kimura Takuya

Any film starring KimuTaku is bound to be a smash, as the actor is not only one of the country's most popular but also one of the most well-liked. KimuTaku is a brilliant vocalist who was a member of SMAP, one of Japan's earliest and most successful boy bands, in addition to acting. He is so well-liked in Japan that a survey voted him the actor for the 14th year!