Article: Top 10 Cute Romantic Japanese Dramas

Cute and romantic dramas make the mood light and make us feel cheerful. Some days require us to binge-watch the stuff we regard as cringeworthy. Romantic dramas give us butterflies and make us fall in love again. Japanese dramas are often overlooked and underrated. On the other hand, their storyline keeps us hooked. Whether you are single or a happy couple, you will love these dramas.

1. First Love

It is an overwhelming yet charming high school romance drama. Each episode brings its twists and turns, which will keep you guessing. Yae is a model student who dreams of becoming a flight attendant, whereas our harumichi is offbeat, but they say opposites attract. As the drama advances, we witness Harumichi being a pilot, but after some stretch, he resigns from his post. Meanwhile, Yae Noguchi is dealing with the aftereffects of an accident. Life is so uncertain. First love is a blend of cute romance and a pinch of reality. Let us see them grow and face obstacles while they transition into adulthood.

2. Itazura Na Kiss/ Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo

This is a  drama where our female lead is whipped with the male lead but he rejects the proposal. Due to some accident, Naoki’s house gets destroyed, and she is requested to live together with Kotoko. Naoki can again woo her crush and see if she stands a chance. Why should males continuously pursue females? This is such a heartwarming and fun drama to watch.

3. An Incurable Case Of Love

This one for our hospital romance genre, sakura, a rookie nurse who fell in love with a doctor and studied hard to see him again, gives butterflies, right?  But when she met him, it was a disaster. Tendo was cold-hearted and feared by other doctors. How will Sakura claim his heart, or will she give up? Sakura is puzzled at first, but eventually, we can see sparks between the two. Let’s dive into this romantic drama.

4. A Virgin Women Of Literature 

It is a love story where the commoner can relate to the female lead as she has been single most of her life. Kanoko works in an editorial department and looks up to the famous novelist Kagaya.  Konoko has never been in love, though she learned about love through the works of Kagaya, and is always crushing on fictional characters, just like us. Konoko is assigned to work under Kagaya, this is a dream come true moment for Konoko however, she is stunned when she realizes that kagaya is cold-hearted and claims to be unable to fall in love. Konoko began questioning her idea and idol of love. Let’s see how they embark on the journey with diverse personalities and eventually fall in love.

5. Meet Me After School

If you want something with high school and adult romance, this is the drama for you. Our female lead, Hijiri, wanted to work as a teacher and later started working in a high school in a remote village while her fiance worked for a big company. A popular boy catches her eye, and she gets attracted. Contrarily, things become chaotic when her fiance begins to discuss getting married. Hijiri is escaping from the idea of marriage; maybe her heart is racing in another direction.

6. Hana Yori Dango

Widely popular as f4, Hana Yori Dango is about a diligent poor girl who accidentally ends up at a prestigious school for the wealthy, in an academy ruled by f4, a popular bully who attracted everyone. Eventually, tskushi becomes the target of f4, and the days keep getting worse before she finally starts developing feelings for Kanazawa Rui; her relationship gets complicated when her enemy, the leader of the bullies, begins to pursue her romantically. Love triangle interests us, but Hana Yori Dango is filled with laughter and is strong on friendships.

7. Rich Men, Poor Women

Rich men and poor women talk about romance angles where a wealthy businessman falls for a poor girl. Toru initially rejects and insults her when she appears for a high school seminar. Makoto ends up working for Toru, and that’s when things start to get steamy. Makoto gradually realizes that he is not only heartless; he also has purity within him, which leads her to think of him as a suitable companion.

8. Good Morning Call

One of the best romantic comedies is Yoshikawa Nao, a girl left alone when her parents had to work on the farm and move to the countryside; she ends up renting a place next to high school, a super cool and clique popular guy. Suddenly, the real estate had to shut down. As a result, prices rose, and they decided to live together as a roommate, but would they be able to control their feelings, or would they give in for love? Good Morning Call is such a cute-cringe romantic drama.

9. Kakafukaka

A spice love story filled with twists and turns, aki, our heroine, gets heartbroken when she catches her boyfriend cheating on her; after moving out of a shared apartment, she gets united with her long-lost first love. Aki sets her heart free, and they rekindle their old flames; things are going too smoothly, but what comes as a shock when their housemate and house owner, Takichi, declares his love and intent to marry Aki. Now Aki has two potential matches who are ready to start a war for Aki, things will begin to get complicated. It will be fun to watch how this story unfolds.

10. Coffee And Vanilla

This drama talks about the issues that come with perfect romance. Risa, a freshman, moved to Tokyo for university. Risa started getting a lot of male attention because of her beauty, but she longs for sweet romance like in fairytales; Risa has a dreamy definition of love. One day, she encounters a businessman, fukami, who is the perfect guy for Risa; these two connect and begin their fairytale; however, fukami’s past hinders their love life.