Article: Top 10 J-BL Dramas Where People Wished To Have More Episodes 

The beauty of J-BL can never be found anywhere else. The warm yet intense scenes led to a calming atmosphere, making the story so beautiful and worth watching that people can’t get enough. The only problem is that J-BL is very small. Listed are J-BL that deserve more episodes.

1. Old Fashion Cupcake 

Old Fashion Cupcake describes the story of Nozue, who works in an office and is in their late thirties. He feels like a robot doing the same thing and fails to enjoy life. Until he meets Togawa, another employee of the office, and starts to bond by eating and trying dessert every day. It had only five episodes, but the chemistry between the leads was incredible, so more would be better.

2. My Personal Weatherman 

My Personal Weatherman describes the story of Yo Tanada, who lives in the house of a weather forecaster, Mizuki Segasaki, his tyrant. They have been together for three years, but the lack of communication makes their relationship strained and full of confusion. It is a recent hit J-BL with only eight episodes. The chemistry and the plot were incredible, so people wanted more episodes.

3. Jack o’ Frost 

Jack o’Frost describes the story of illustrator Okusawa Ritsu and salesman Ikegami Fumiya. They met in a coffee shop, fell in love later started dating. However, due to a misunderstanding, they fought, and Ritusa stormed out of the house. He gets in an accident and loses his memories of their breakup. Fumiya thinks that this is the perfect opportunity to rebuild their relationship again. It has only six episodes.

4. My Love Mix-Up!

Kieta Hatsukoi is the story of classmates Aoki and Ida. Aoki borrows the eraser from her crush, Hashimoto, but on her eraser, she has written the name Ida. Ida sees his name, and to save her, Aoki says that he has a crush on Ida. Aoki thinks that Ida will reject him, but when Ida says, "Let’ 's try,” Aoki is shocked. It has ten episodes, but the plot is funny and entertaining, so people can’t get enough of it.

5. Takara-kun & Amagi-kun 

Takara-kun To Amagi-kun describes the story of two shy classmates, Takara Shun and Taichi Amagi, who confess to liking each other. They started dating, and being new to dating they tries hard to understand each other which led to many moments of chaotic and romance between them. It has eight episodes, but the cute chemistry between them was never enough to watch.

6. Our Dining Table

Our Dining Table follows the story of a salaryman, Yutaka, who struggles to eat beside other people despite being good at cooking. He meets Minoru and Tane, two brothers, and they ask him to cook for them. Without knowing, Yutaka is healing from the once unbearable pain. The beauty of this show is incredible, and I don’t think ten episodes do it justice.

7. Cherry Magic!

Cherry Magic describes the story of Adachi Kiyoshi, who just turned thirty and is still a virgin. He works in an office but has no social life. But everything changed when he turned thirty and got the power to hear other people's thoughts when he touched them. The big secret is revealed when he touches the dashing and charming Kurosawa Yuichi and finds out that Kuroswas has a crush on him. The drama has twelve episodes.

8. Eternal Yesterday

Eternal Yesterday is the story of two classmates opposite to each other, Koichi and Mitsuru. Koichi is popular, while Mitsue likes to keep to himself. One morning, Koichi was hit by a truck and died in front of Mitsuru. But magically, he lives but can only be seen and talk to Mitsuru. It is a tragic love story that makes people cry a bucket with eight episodes.

9. His: I Didn’t Think I Would Fall In Love

This drama follows the story of Nagisa, a seventeen-year-old boy who lives apart from his parents in the seaside town of Fujisawa. He works in a bathhouse and loves to surf. He meets Shun, who is the same as him and is on a spring holiday. They both love to surf and create a bond more than friendship. It has five episodes but truly deserves more.

10. Life: Love On The Line 

Life: Love On The Line describes the story of Nishi, who loves to play a game by walking on the white line on the side of the road or the footpath. By playing it one day, he meets a serious boy, Ito, on the same white line. The story is deeply moving, starting from school to adulthood. It is a rollercoaster ride. It has only four episodes, and it is a serious crime.