Article: 10 Korean Music Videos With Highest Budget

Korean music is very particular about its production, sets, costumes, and makeup. The concepts are unique but require a high budget for their production. These music videos got shot in expensive locations, and the amount of money spent was surprising. But the money didn't go in vain because these are some of the most successful music videos of all time.

1. Love Song

Love Song was released by the boy band BIGBANG, and it is considered one of the most expensive music videos of that time. They made two airfield runways in a deserted location. They used unique camera techniques and lenses.

2. Troublemaker

Troublemaker is a song named after the band itself. The concept of the song is two spies in love. The music video turned out expensive because of the costumes and luxurious hotel rooms.

3. Like A Cat

Like A Cat is a song by the girl group AOA and is about a spy and the members in cat costumes. The music video had high-end sets and costumes made it expensive.


MAMA got released by EXO as a token of gratitude for fans. The video has many effects which make it look like the EXO is a different mysterious universe. The VFX and costumes made the video expensive.

5. Decalcomanie

The music video by MAMAMOO got appreciation because of their dancing skills and concept. The music video turned out to be expensive because of the outfits and the actors in the video.

6. Honey Honey

The music video by GANGKIZ has seven divisions. It is considered one of the most expensive music videos of all time. The sets, outfits, and post-production made it expensive.

7. Destiny

The music video by Infinite got shot in Universal Studios and exotic locations around America. The filming location and costumes made the music video expensive.

8. Come Back Home

The music video by 2NE1 got appreciated for its futuristic concept. Around 500,000 dollars got spent on the making of the video. The outfits and sets made the video expensive and unique.

9. Cry Cry

The music video by T-ARA is a conceptual video with two parts. The videos are about deadly romances and taking risks. The sets and productions made the video expensive.

10. One Shot

The music video by B.A.P has a basic concept of the boy band fighting the bad guys. But the suspense and the twist at the end make it different from other videos. The sets and action sequences made the video expensive.