Article: 10 Unforgettable Dialogues Of Japanese Actors

Dialogues stay with you for long even after the movie or the character fade away from our minds. Japanese films have given us some beautiful lines delivered through complex characters and even more amazing actors. We have prepared a list of 10 Unforgettable Dialogues of Japanese actors.

1. “I Wanted To Tell You That, Wherever You May End Up In This World, I Will Be Searching For You.” – Taki Tachibana

This is a beautiful quote from anime Kimi No Na Wa spoken by the protagonist Taki Tachibana. He is a high school student who juggles his part time job, hangs out with his friends and dreams to do something in architecture in future.


2. “Every Hour Of Lost Time Is A Chance Of Misfortune For The Future. Well, If You All Do Not Want To Regret Something Later, You Should Not Waste Your Time On It Now.” – Kosaku Ito

This quote is from a 2017 movie called My Teacher. It is a love story between a student and a teacher. The quote is said by the teacher Kosaku Ito played by actor Toma Ikata.


3. “I’m Guessing You Have The Strength And Compassion To Fight Off Anyone Who Tries To Hurt You Now.” – Kouki Ozawa

This quote is from a 2009 film called My Rainy Days. This is a romance film where a seventeen-year manipulative old high school student who falls in love with a 35-year-old professor and mends her wrong ways. This quote is said by the professor Kouki Ozawa played by Shosuke Tanihara.


4. “Our Faces Were No More Than Ten Inches Apart But She Was Light Years Away From Me.” – Toru Watanabe

We all have heard or read the Norwegian woods. The movie based on the novel tells the same story of Toru’s journey from school through college and his subsequent complex relationship with his friend Naoko. This movie was released in 2010. This quote shows the depth of Toru’s feelings. He is played by Kenichi Matsuyama.


5. “I Didn’t Even Know What It Means To Love Someone.” – Naoko

Another one from the treasure that is Norwegian woods. This is the heartfelt confession of Naoko who is struggling to find herself and the meaning of her life. She is a lost character who finds herself at odds with everyone. She is played by Rinko Kikuchi.


6. “It’s Kind Of Sad, To Climb Only To Die. Why Work So Hard If You’re Going To Die Anyway?” – Shokichi Hirata

This line is from a 2008 film called Departures. It is a heart touching movie of a cello player who after finding out about the disbandment of his band moves to his hometown with his wife. He slowly finds his true calling in life after coming here. This quote is said by Shokichi Hirata in the movie which leaves a lasting impact on the protagonist. He is played by Takashi Sasano.


7. “We’re Still On The Run. That’s For Sure. Right On. This Time We’re On. And We Won’t Stop Till We Win.” – Koushan Takami

This line is from a masterpiece that is Battle Royale. Blood, glory and lust for power are all the primary theme of the film which leaves a lasting impression on the audience. This dialogue by Koushan Takami stays with you long after even the end credits have rolled.


8. “It’s Not A Bad Thing To Be Loved,” – Koushan Takami

Another one from Battle Royale, this line captures the struggle one has with love in the pretext of violence. One cannot accept love because the game is to kill.


9. “When You Think You’re Safe Is Precisely When You’re Most Vulnerable.” – Kambei Shimada

This old masterpiece gave us some truly great lines spoken by great actors. This quote was spoken by Kambei Shimada from the Seven Samurai played by Takashi Shimura.


10. “This Is The Nature Of War: By Protecting Others, You Save Yourself. If You Only Think Of Yourself, You’ll Only Destroy Yourself.” – Kambei Shimada

Another Kambei Shimada special, this line beautifully captures the haunting realities of war and the human nature. Such a complex idea spoken in two sentences, that’s the essence of the movie.