Article: Top Ten Popular Korean Animated Movies

Animated movies tend to be a perfect medium to spend some quality time with those you love. Follow up on this list to know about some of Korea’s most popular animated movies.

1. Underdog

Moong-Chi was a dog living who lived with his owners ever since he was a pup. But one day, all his happiness vanished when Moong-Chi was left stranded in the middle of a forest. Unable to accept what happened to him, Moong-Chi denies that he was abandoned by his owners. It isn’t until he meets Jjanga and his pack that he finally begins to accept his reality. Together, the pack of dumped dogs goes on a quest to find a new and loving home.


2. My TYRANO: Together, Forever

A lonely Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tyrano, is a carnivore that has never had any meat in his life. One day he comes across an orphaned baby dinosaur named Punon. Punon is a flying dinosaur, who cannot fly. Together this odd set of friends set out on a journey to find an earthly paradise.


3. Empress Chung

The story of  Empress Chung is a famous Korean folk tale. It is about a young Empress who ends up offering up her life for her blind father’s eyesight to come back.


4. Yobi, The Five Tailed Fox

Long ago, there lived a young gumiho, Yobi, on the top of a hill. One day, a flying saucer crashed into the hilltop. The aliens and the Yobi began to co-exist in peace. When Mr.Kang and his class of oddballs go to the hilltop for a retreat, young Yobi and the aliens find out they have various things that interest them. While the aliens are having fun scaring the children, Yobi tries to understand the kids better. She takes a particularly keen interest in a boy named Geum-Yee. Together they have a lot of fun until a hunter crashes into their lives. As time proceeds and the truth about her fate starts to fall into place for the young gumiho, things begin to take a heart breaking turn.


5. Oseam

Gami and her little brother Gilson are two orphans living at the Mahayana Buddhist Temple. Gami is a gentle and reserved blind girl, and Gilson is a mischievous kid who often gets into trouble. This brother-sister duo helps out with the chores of the temple while learning to cope with the loss of their mother, who passed away years ago in a fire. This fire is also the reason Gami lost her sight. Afraid of how the truth might hurt Gilson, Gami decides never to tell him the truth and instead lets him believe that they will find their mother someday. One day, Gilson goes on a quest to find a cure for his sister’s blindness. But sadly, he ends up sacrificing his life for his sister’s sight.


6. Life Is Cool

Three best friends, among whom one is a hopeless romantic, the other is a heartbroken Romeo, and the third one is a goofy playboy, meet each other again. They have been together for ten years and, are now in their 30s. When they sit with each other and talk, they realize that they each have different tastes in women. But when a mysterious woman walks into their lives who weirdly fits perfectly with each of the man’s ideal types, things begin to take a wild and fun turn.


7. My Beautiful Girl, Mari

Kim Nam-Woo is a young boy who is struggling with himself. It seems to him that people always leave him. His widowed mother ‘left’ him by paying more and more attention to her new boyfriend and less and less attention to him. The only other support he ever had, his best friend, Jun-Ho, is moving to Seoul. To escape from his harsh reality, he goes to a dream world where he meets a white-haired girl, Mari.


8. Ghost Messenger

Kang-Lim is a Ghost Messenger. Ghost Messengers are super-powered agents hailing from Myung-Gye (World of Death). Each agent is equipped with a particular type of phone, a Soul Phone that allows them access to a range of weapons. This phone is also the only link Ghost Messengers have to the Myung-Gye. On one mission, Kang-Lim gets trapped in his Soul Phone. It takes a young boy with exceptional spiritual powers to get Kang-Lim out of his Soul Phone.


9. Satellite Girl And Milk Cow

KITSAT-1 is an inoperative satellite moving about idly around the Earth’s orbit. One night, she comes across a transmission of a young man singing a ballad. Mesmerized by his voice, she decides to meet him. On her way back, she magically transforms into Satellite Girl. At the moment, the young singer turns into a Holstein Milk Cow. When they finally meet, they are joined by Merlin, a ‘Blood Heir of Fairies’. Merlin is now a talking roll of toilet paper. To get back to their original selves, they need to fight Mr. Oh. Mr. Oh is a man who steals livers for The Incinerator, who is revealed to be the cause of the world’s imbalances.


10. Green Days: Dinosaur And I

Yi-Rang is a young girl who is unsure of what she wants for the future and what she wants for herself. During a relay race, she gets so scared of the possibility of losing that she stages a collapse in the middle of it, even though it could cost her the dream of becoming an athlete. But when Soo-Min and Cheol-Soo meet with her and become friends, Yi-Rang begins to discover her true self and falls unconditionally in love with who she is.