Article: Top 10 Japanese Movies That Leave Us In Tears

Japanese films are fantastic. Aside from the well-known romantic-themed Japanese films, there are several sad films that will make you cry. If you need to display your sensitive side, sad Japanese movies are wonderful to have on hand. Many of the really tragic Japanese films might be unpleasant to first-time Western viewers, but they also give some insight into Japanese culture, psychology, and spirit. The following list of the top 10 sad Japanese films may be helpful.

1. Oshin (2013)

This is movie version of the series Oshin. The film examines the dark side of post-World War II socioeconomic ramifications, the clear financial divide between the affluent and the poor, and the struggles that previous generations had to endure in order to make way for the current generation's lifestyle. Depression, emotional detachment, and the human mind's weakness serve as excellent overtones to this uplifting yet terrible drama.

The drama is emotional not because it is sad, but because it is so moving to watch Oshin ultimately succeed in life. Oshin is a masterpiece that endures the test of time, despite all the agony and suffering she had to endure, and all the unwavering patience and sacrifices she was prepared to make for a better life.


2. Kimi Ni Shika Kikoenai (2007)

Ryo Aihara (Riko Narumi) is a shy, timid, and insecure young woman who doesn't quite fit in anywhere. She wants to make friends, but she finds it difficult to speak up and engage in a typical conversation with others. When she speaks, it appears like the words don't come out right. Ryo has gradually become accustomed to living in quiet as a lonely and introverted student. Ryo has no need for a cell phone because he has no one to talk to. She imagines a mobile phone in her head for fictitious phone talks, and to her astonishment, Shinya (Keisuke Koide) picks up on the other end. Ryo has met someone with whom she can communicate for the first time in her life.


3. My Rainy Days (2009)

Rio, a 17-year-old high school student, is always the focus of attention because of her attractiveness. Rio, on the other hand, has never cared about anybody but herself as a result of her horrific background. Her partners and pals exist just to serve her interests. Rio is solely concerned about making money. Then she meets Kouki, a 35-year-old college professor, and she falls in love for the first time. Rio is perplexed by her emotional shift and openly proclaims her love for Kouki. Although Kouki develops feelings for Rio, there is a reason why he is not able to accept his proposal. The film is based on the same-named famous cell phone novel.


4. Crying Out Love, In The Center Of The World (2004)

Matsumoto Sakutaro, or "Saku," is a regular, married guy in modern-day Japan. His fiancée discovers a recording from 1986 while relocating. This cassette is the final entry in the journal of Saku's first love, Hirose Aki, who died of leukemia shortly after meeting him. Saku discovers Aki and his audio diaries as he rushes back to his old home, and he starts on a lengthy, solitary journey back to the happiest and worst days of his life.


5. Nobody Knows (2004)

Nobody Knows is a compelling depiction of the life of abandoned children. The film is lovely in its simplicity, shifting from pleasant to warm to tragic at points. The film is about four children who must fend for themselves when their mother abandons them to pursue her own pleasure. The film is lacking in action and exciting moments, but the children's performance was lovely since they were all genuine and natural. In Third World nations, where hungry children live on the streets in a sadder and unpleasant reality, the abandoned children of the film have an apartment to live in and food to eat. Anyway, it is a fantastic video that will depress you and keep your eyes from drying up.


6. I Gave My First Love To You (2009)

Takuma and Mayu have known each other since they were children. Mayu's father, who is a doctor, had treated Takuma. Takuma was born with a hole in his heart, and physicians predicted that unless he received a heart transplant before the age of 20, he would not live past the age of 20. Takuma (Okada Masaki) and Mayu (Inou Mao) are best friends who grow up together and naturally develop love affections for one other. When they start high school, however, Takuma decides to break up with Mayu because he believes that being with him is making her miserable due to his illness.


7. Koizora (2007)

This film is fantastic, and it is both charming and truthful. Tahara Mika and Sakurai Hiro have a poignant love story that spans their high school years and early college years. Mika is a freshman in high school until she meets Hiro, a boy from the year above her. Mika discovers her phone at the school library when she misplaces it. She begins to get unusual phone calls from a kid who refuses to disclose his name, but the two begin to become acquainted. They finally agree to meet the day following Mika's birthday. The boy is none other than Hiro, and he stands in front of Mika with a bunch of baby breath flowers, wishing her a happy birthday. Their romance blossoms from there.


8. Be With You (2018)

Yuji's mother (Mimura) tells her son a narrative in which she describes her death as a voyage to the Akaibo Star in a picture book. She pledges in this narrative that she will return to him during the rainy season and will only remain as long as the rain lasts. Ima Ai ni Yukimasu is a drama that examines life's miracles as a love tale, a narrative between family and mother and son, and a story of development and courage. What would you do if you had a second chance with the person you care about?


9. Hachiko Monogatari (1987)

Akita Prefecture presented Professor Ueno of Tokyo University with a puppy. The professor's wife, on the other hand, does not want the dog to stay with them. Professor Ueno names his dog Hachi because he adores it. Professor commutes to work every day via train. Regardless of the weather, Hachi meets Professor at Shibuya Station every morning and greets him in the evening. Professor Ueno died one day after suffering a stroke. Hachi continues to visit the house and wait for his master at Shibuya station, despite his family selling the property and moving to another city. Hidesaburo Ueno and his Akita dog "Hachiko" are fictional characters based on true events.


10. A Litre Of Tears (2005)

A fresh day begins after the tears have been shed... 1 Litre of Tears is based on a true tale about a girl's lengthy battle with an incurable sickness, and is adapted from the same-titled novel. In 1986, a collection of her journal entries was released, reflecting her experiences, enthusiasm, and tenacity in life, and the book became an instant hit. Her inspiring narrative was turned into a blockbuster TV series starring Erika Sawajiri and a poignant film directed by Riki Okamura. Ikeuchi Aya, 15, is a regular girl, the daughter of a tofu store owner and a soon-to-be high school student. Strange things, however, have been occurring to Aya recently. She has been falling down a lot and walking in an odd manner. Shioka takes Aya to the doctor, who diagnoses her with spinocerebellar degeneration, a horrible condition in which the cerebellum of the brain rapidly deteriorates to the point that the patient is unable to move, or talk, write, or eat. This is a sad yet emotionally satisfying narrative that is well worth crying over.