Article: Top 10 Gongan C-Dramas

Gongan is a genre of Chinese drama that has its origins rooted in ancient Chinese detective stories with tales of mystery, investigation, and justice. Here is a list of the top 10 Gongan Chinese series.

1. The Three Heroes And Five Gallants

An expert swordsman named Zhao Zhan saves Justice Bao Zhen's life and is rewarded for his bravery. However, Ji Pang, who is hungry for power, proves to be the Five Mice of Xian Kong Island, a group of swordsmen in the name of Zhao Zhan. Which results in Five mice taking revenge on Zhao Zhan. Later, they learned about Ji Pang's evil intentions.

2. Maiden Holmes

The drama is set in the sixth century. It follows the story of Prince Pei Yan Zhi, who investigates political intrigue after being betrayed and replaced as a military leader. He teams up with smart detective Su Ci and others to uncover palace schemes and seek justice.

3. Da Tang Nu Xun An

The drama follows the story of a female detective of the Tang dynasty, Xie Yao Hua. She solves various mysteries during the rule of Empress Wu Ze Tian.

4. Young Sherlock

Di Renjie, a 26-year-old detective, solves various thrilling cases. Together with his friends, he goes on mysterious adventures that take place during the period of the Tang Dynasty.

5. The Four

In the chaotic Ming Dynasty, four skilled detective guards with unique martial arts abilities fight corruption and uphold justice. They are Cold Blood, Heartless, Chaser, and Iron Fist. Guided by their teacher, Zhuge Zhen Wo, they're joined by Chu Li Mo, who can read minds. Together, they thwart the villain An Shi Di's schemes. This 2015 drama is based on the wuxia novel "The Four Infamous Deputies" by Wen Rui An.

6. Burning Ice 

To save his love, an office boy gets unintentionally involved in a murder case. In just a few moments, his life completely turns upside down as he is chased by gangsters and detectives.

7. Day And Night

It is the story of Guan Hong Yu, who is accused of being his family's murderer. Guan Hong Feng, the head of the criminal investigation team, decides to solve the case, but he can't due to his relationship. Zhou Xun becomes the new leader, seeking Hong Feng's aid. Uncovering cases together, they find a secret: the twin brothers switch roles due to a phobia.

8. The Confidence

Ke Ying, an economics lecturer, finds herself dragged in to help Feng Xiao Sheng gain power in his corporation. When the policeman finds out that Feng's company is lending money to foreign banks, along with Ke Ying, he embarks on a mission to dismantle this criminal gang.

9. Detective Samoyeds

A special bureau is established to investigate paranormal activities. The team consists of members with some unique skill sets, including Samoyed, who is an analytics expert, a ballistics enthusiast, a weapons guru, and a medic.

10. Swordsman

The drama explores themes of love, friendship, betrayal, and lust. It is the story of an orphan named Ling Hu Chong, who is a senior to Yue Bu Qun, the leader of Huashan Sec. The story follows his growth as a swordsman and his experience of the intrigues in the martial world.