Article: Top 10 Shenhua C-Dramas

Shenhua is a subgenre of Chinese fantasy fiction. It mainly revolves around demons, gods, monsters, and immortals from Chinese mythology. Here is the list of the top 10 Shenhua Chinese dramas.

1. Painted Skin

It follows the story of a demon fox named Xiao Wei, raised by a human named Xia Lao and his granddaughter, Xia Bing. However, Xiao Wei unleashed his demon spirit and killed Xia Lao. Xia Bing embarks on a path of revenge for his grandfather's death.

2. Holy Pearl

Mo Yin, the human version of Goddess Tengshe, is jealous of her sister Xian Yue's popularity and love. She joins forces with Demon Lord Shi You Ming to kill Xian Yue. This upsets the balance between humans, gods, and demons. Xian Yue is reborn as Ding Yao and returns to bring back harmony. With Wen Tian, a human-dragon hybrid, she aims to recreate the anti-demon vase using holy pearls from Goddess Nuwa.

3. Investiture Of The Gods

The drama follows the story of two childhood friends, Daji and Yang Jian. Both have loved each other since childhood. However, their whole lives changed when King Zhou assassinated their parents and destroyed their hometown. Seeking revenge, Daji joined the royal harem.

4. Mazu

The god decides to create a god of oceans to calm the angry sea. Therefore, God, give blessings to baby Lin Moniang. The drama also reflects the achievements of Ma Zu, a kind and lovely goddess.

5. Butterfly Lovers

It is a sad love story in which a wealthy daughter, Ying Tai, pretends to be a boy so she can study at school. There, she becomes close friends with Liang Shan Bo, and they study together. However, Shan Bo was not aware that Ying Tai was a girl. When they both realized their love for each other, it was very late, as Ying Tai had already promised someone else for marriage.

6. The Legend Of Chasing Fish

The story is about a kind fish named Hongling in China. She's trying to find a gift for the Azure Dragon Emperor's birthday. She becomes friends with a young person named Zhang Zen. Sadly, Zhang Zen's father is killed, and Hongling can't become a dragon. The Dragon Prince says she can if she helps Zhang Zen get married and brings back a flower ball. They face problems, and Hongling gives up becoming a dragon to stay with Zhang Zen. But more troubles come, and they might be separated because of them.

7. The Destiny Of White Snake

The drama follows the story of Zi Xuan, who meets a white snake spirit in human form named Bai Yao Yao. Unintentionally, they fall in love with each other. However, the demon catcher, Fa Hai, creates chaos. Yao Yao saved Zi Xuan and sacrificed himself to save the world. A thousand years later, she finds him reborn as Xu Xian. She remembers their past and aims for a better future.

8. Zhao Ge

The drama is set towards the end of the Shang Dynasty, telling the story of a king whose rule led to the downfall of his nation. Ji Fa is a person who wants to make a change and create a better nation and future.

9. Lotus Lantern

The drama follows the story of San Sheng Mu, who falls in love with Liu Yang Chang. However, their peaceful life changes when they are chased by San Sheng's brother and his followers. She gives Yan Chang a lantern for protection before being captured and imprisoned. They lived in hiding, and sixteen years later, their son realized his family's past and secrets.

10. Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story

In the Tang Empire, there was a prosperous time, but danger loomed. A Taoist sect found a cave with an old stone tablet. It has accurately predicted events, even disasters, since the start of the Tang Dynasty. The scary part was the last part: a future with dark stars and a couple who would be reborn. An evil group planned to use their power to control the world. The tablet had details about when and where this couple would be born, hoping someone would find it and save everyone.