Article: Top 10 Chinese Actors And Their Self-Grooming Secrets

Chinese actors have ruled our hearts with their amazing acting skills and now they are stealing our hearts with their great physiques. Every Chinese actor we see is charming and has something unique to their personality. We usually see them in good shape. However, maintaining the physique is not easy but not impossible. These actors follow different routines and diet plans to stay in shape. Sometimes, it is not easy for them to exercise due to their tight working schedules, however, they still manage to take care of their health. Some fans take inspiration from their favorite celebrities, but in the end, it all comes down to dedication and discipline. We have listed some healthiest Chinese actors who, despite any difficulties, never forget to take care of their health and maintain their charming aura.

1. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is one of the most influential actors, who has his influence worldwide. We are aware of his unmatched stamina and the power-packed stunts which he performs in the movies with ease. He is a real-life hero and inspiration to millions. Now, we wonder, where this stamina comes from, his only secret is discipline. He keeps his body active and strong by jogging for 3-5 miles every day. He follows a strict diet and workout regimen. He eats food that is low in fat and carbs and rich in protein. Now we know that discipline is important in life.

2. Li Xian 

Li Xian is another fit and healthy Chinese celebrity. The secret of his muscular body is lots of physical activity like football and basketball. He considers exercising 4-5 hours a day. He follows a strict diet which helps in keeping his body in good shape. He avoids sweets as much as he can, which helps in keeping his skin healthy. His self-groom regimen includes all the abovementioned routines and more importantly, hard work and dedication, which are required to stay healthy.

3. Andy Lau

Andy Lau is a prominent figure in China. He is one of the best celebrities in China. He truly defines the phrase 'age is just a number.' He is in good shape all thanks to his strict diet, which includes a lot of vegetables. He stays away from carbohydrates and sugar, which is a secret to his healthy and glowing skin. He does light and simple exercises, which include stretching. He hardly goes to the gym. He spends a lot of time with his family and enjoys his playtime with his kids. In the end, it all comes down to eating healthy and staying happy and cheerful.

4. Simu Liu

Simu Liu is another Chinese celebrity who is in good shape. We have seen him in the movie 'Shang Chi,' playing the role of a superhero immaculately. His fit body and health are to die for. He shares his self-grooming secrets which Include an easy workout routine and being around people who motivate him to stay in shape. He was an athlete as he played basketball, volleyball, and rugby, which has helped him stay in shape. When it comes to eating, he eats whatever he wants, but with the condition of sweating a lot which he does to let go of the excess fat. He believes in fasting. He suggests avoiding eating late at night. What is most important for Simu Liu is good mental health and taking care of it is important for him, and so is for everybody.

5. Jet Li 

Jet Li is one of the most prominent actors in China. He is a master of martial arts, and his skills are unmatchable. However, when it comes to his fitness and self-care routine there is not much available on the net, only that he takes a diet full of proteins, and eats healthy. As he has been training in martial arts from a young age, he may follow a strict routine. Meditation and exercise are important to maintain overall health.

6. Tony Leung

Tony Leung is one of the most influential actors in China. His acting skills are known worldwide. He is handsome and has maintained good health. His secret to staying in shape is waking up on time and exercising. However, according to the sources, he lives an easy-going life now which includes reading, watching movies, and eating healthy. There is not much information about his self-grooming secrets, except that he believes in living a happy life and enjoying the time you have doing what makes you happy.

7. Lin Yi 

Lin Yi is a young and aspiring Chinese actor, who has garnered a genuine fan base in recent years with his acting skills and his handsome looks. He is fit and healthy. The secret to his healthy skin and body is resting and eating well. Having a good mindset is important for healthy skin. Exercising regularly must be a priority. He is one of the good-looking actors.

8. Wang Yibo 

Wang Yibo is a young rising star and has marked his place in the Chinese entertainment industry with the series 'Untamed.' The series gained immense love worldwide, and he became a fan favorite. He is officially known as the heartthrob. He is handsome and in good shape. However, there is nothing regarding his diet or workout routine. His self-grooming includes dancing and engaging in other physical activities. He loves spending his time doing what he loves the most like playing Lego or skating in his free time. He is young and takes good care of his mind and body. He is an amazing actor, singer, dancer and rapper.

9. Darren Chen

Darren Chen is another aspiring Chinese actor. He is in good shape, and his secret to staying fit is gymming and exercising regularly. His morning routine includes 3-4 glasses of water with fruits and boiled eggs. He likes to keep his eating habits balanced with vegetables and plenty of salads. Eating healthy and working out are important for him to stay healthy and in shape.

10. William Chan

William Chan is another one of the healthiest actors in China. He is handsome and has a fit body. However, the secret of his fitness is regular exercise, which helps him retain a good physique and flawless skin. Not much is available regarding his self-grooming secrets, but it seems like he works out a lot and loves going to the gym regularly.