Article: Top 10 Male Item Numbers In Thai

K-pop has gained a major fan following for its music and fan service. Unabashed fans from far and wide throng to get a glimpse of dreamy singers dancing to the being. But it is not only Korean groups that are high in demand today. Rising among the ranks are Thai dancing and singing groups that have proved their mettle amongst their other counterparts. Some of these item numbers from solo songs as well as movies feature drop-dead- gorgeous males giving it all on stage and fans are devouring their content like crazy.

We have compiled a list of the Top 10 Male Item Numbers in Thai to satisfy your curiosity. We hope you enjoy it!

1. Bird Thongchai

Thongchai McIntyre is best known for his array of luk thung and string pop music hits. One of the most popular artists in Thai history, his performances are almost always booked out. He was featured on the international news hub CNN and also the Variety magazine and even won an International MTV award, being the first Thai artist to do so.


2. Trinity

Composed of members group Jackrin Kungwankiatichai, Sivakorn Adulsuttikul, and Lapat Ngamchaweng, this group won the 2020 Youth Favourite Artist- Group at the Thailand Master Group Awards. Their group concept was based on the classic Three Musketeers and gained their audiences from across the globe. They even directed a documentary series about their journey titled "Trinity the Elementories".


3. Joey Boy

Fondly called Joey Boy by his fans, Apisit Opasaimlikit is a producer and a hip hop singer whose single "Fun Fun Fun" became one of Thailand's highest-selling singles. He is also a budding actor, his most popular character being Mhen from Ghost Day. He is rightfully dubbed "The Godfather of Thai Hip Hop".


4. Golf Mike

This duo consists of brothers Pichaya Golf Nitipaisalkul and Pirat Mike Nitipaisalkul. They first performed live on stage alongside his brother Golf Pichaya Nitipaisalkul as the opening act to Bird Thongchai McIntyre in his For Fan Fun Fair Concert and stole the show with their moves. Golf & Mike were also welcomed to perform at the 2007 Asia Song Festival in Korea.


5. Endorphine

Deemed one of the most successful Thai rock bands, Endorphine comprises members Da, Kia, Bird, and Bomb. Endorphins are defined as chemical substances produced by the brain when we are happy or in pain. The band was named Endorphine as the motive behind their songs was to keep audiences happy with their music. Their song Puan-Sa-Nit won the Royal Golden Lord Kanesha Award Best Thai-International Song 2004.



This Thai pop group debuted with its single Ya Wai Chai which caught the eye of many fans. This group received many accolades including the 2009 POP Music Award for Best Idol and Song of the Year. Its members comprise Poppy, Jongbae, Tomo, Kenta, and Koen. This group released its final song Friends in 2012 before disbanding, much to the dismay of fans.


7. Boy Peacemaker

Anuwat Sanguansakphakdee or Boy Peacemaker as he is nicknamed is a popular Thai pop artist. He is best known for his album Sense of Sound which won him many accolades. In 2009 he received the SIAM DARA STARS PARTY AWARD 2009, for Major Thai singer and Top International Male.


8. D2B 

Once dubbed the number one Thai Boy Band of all time, D2B has hit singles like CIA and Jigsaw. The members of the group were namely Worrawech Danuwong, known as Dan, Apichet Kittikorncharoen, nicknamed Big, and Kawee Tanjararak, also called Beam. The band disbanded when Big got into a major accident and passed away. Dan and Beam released a few duo albums before going their separate ways as well.



9. Atom Chanagun

Chanagun Rattana-udom, or Atom as he is more popularly known, is best remembered for his songs Please and Good Morning Teacher among others.  His songs always managed to snag a high position in the Thai music charts for at least 2 weeks. Looks like fans can't help but listen to his songs on repeat!


10. Slot Machine

Awarded Band of the year 2019, this pop band debuted with their hit single Ro in 2004, marking a 15-year career. Current members include Janevit Chanpanyawong, Karinyawat Durongjirakan and Atirath Pintong. This band was nominated in the MTV Music Awards Europe for the Best Southeast Asian Act for the years 2013-2015!