Article: Top 10 Action-Comedy Korean Movies

“Train to Busan” and “Parasite” have given the South Korean film industry a significant spotlight at an international level. The Korean Film Industry has also been recognized in the world’s most famous Award show, “The Oscars.” The Korean film industry is renowned for the following genres- action, horror, thriller, and rom-com. South Korea has become the dream destination for many people.

1. The Thieves

The Thieves is an action comedy movie about thieves and treachery. This movie is about a group of thieves who plot a very high-stakes robbery of diamonds, and each of them has their unique skills to complete the heist. The Thieves have some fantastic action scenes which captivate the audience.  This movie has earned massive success in Korea as well as internationally. The audience has praised the beautiful fusion of action and comedy.

2. Confidential Assignment

This movie offers a splendid blend of excitement and humor. The Confidential Assignments is about an unexpected collaboration between a South Korean policeman and a detective from North Korea. They have to become partners to pursue the notorious felon of North Korea. The audience loved the storyline with high-stakes action and humorous scenes. The way the actors have delivered their performance is just impeccable.

3. The Dude In Me

The Dude in Me is a movie with a mixture of action, comedy, crime, and fantasy. This movie is one of the typical types that the South Korean film industry usually makes to entertain the audience. The story starts with a high school student and a mafia leader switching their bodies magically after their accident. They have to live the lives of each other and also manage not to be known within their group.

4. Hitman: Agent Jun

This movie is about an agent working as an assassin for the government. He then fakes his death to live a life he has always dreamt about. Since his childhood days, he had always dreamt about being a manhwa artist, but due to some reasons, he had to become an assassin. This movie has a lot of impressive fight scenes and lots of humor as well.

5. Accidental Detective

Action-comedy movie in Korea is mainly related to cops and criminals, which makes the story quite hilarious. This movie stars Kwon Sang Woo, a crime solver enthusiast, and Sung Dong II, a competent detective with an attitude. These two have to work together when their mutual friend got falsely arrested.

6. Mission: Possible

This movie has recently been released in the year 2021 and has been an enormous success.  A Chinese officer got sent to South Korea to investigate about the firearms that were shipped illegally. When she came to Korea, she was meant to coordinate with a special agent but ended up with a private investigator who had no problem faking an identity to earn some money.

7. Extreme Job

This movie has become highly famous, which led to it becoming the second highest-grossing movie in South Korea. The film depicts a police squad who makes their last effort to revive their police career by going on a stakeout in a building for a drug dealing case. They buy a restaurant opposite that building to keep an eye on the events happening around it and not to get caught by the people involved in the case. But later, the restaurant becomes very popular because of their chicken recipe.

8. Midnight Runners

This movie has received a lot of popularity since its release and has become a modern classic because of its comedy style. The most famous actors, Park Seo-Joon and Kang Ha-Neul, play the role of two police recruits who come across a kidnapping while going for a night out. Later, they discovered while investigating the case that there were higher forces involved in this case.

9. Luck Key

Luck Key is one of the most recommended movies in the genre, an action-comedy of South Korea. This movie is about a man who experiences amnesia after slipping at the bathhouse. The exciting thing about this is that he is a professional hitman. After the incident, he lives without identity, gets himself cast in a show, and later becomes a famous actor.

10. Veteran

This movie is about a tough police detective and who is trying to bring an evil heir of a big conglomerate for murdering an innocent driver and seeking justice for the victim. The battle between them becomes intense as they both are two inflexible characters. During their fierce struggle, everyone around them got threatened as well. Veteran is a famous movie in South Korea and has won many awards.