Article: Top 10 Korean Actors Who Are Hated By People

The world of show business is very fragile. One mistake can ruin your career. Celebrities are all prone to scandals and controversies. But some of them don't keep their actions in check and lose public favor. Sometimes these scandals also end their careers. Here are some Korean celebrities who get hate for their past actions. Because of their actions, they had to retire early or say goodbye to their perfectly set careers.

1. Steve Yoo

Steve Yoo is disliked by Korean people for evading military services in the past. Military services are mandatory in Korea. Steve Yoo gave up his Korean citizenship. He acquired American Citizenship right before enlisting. This caused quite a lot of stirs amongst the public. Because of this, Steve Yoo had to leave South Korea.


2. Go Young Wook 

In 2013 Go Young Wook was arrested for sexual misconduct and assaulting three minors. He was sentenced to two years and six months in prison. Go Young Wook was released in 2015. Since then, he has remained low-key. He has also been banned from all the broadcast houses. The South Korean star was not forgiven by the public.


3. MC Mong

MC Mong's career got ruined due to him trying to avoid his mandatory military services. In 2010, MC Mong was also accused of pulling out his teeth, which created a lot of ruckuses. While MC Mong tried his best to explain that he had to pull his teeth out because of poor care. However, the public called him a liar and did not believe him.


4. Yang Hyun Suk 

Yang Hyun Suk was once the king of the South Korean entertainment industry. He was once one of the top celebrities in South Korea. Yang Hyun Suk also headed YG Entertainment. Things started going down for him when his fans wouldn't get informed with any information. Yang Suk was cancelled for blatantly lying.


5. Ji Soo 

The tall and handsome leading star is making headlines not for his shows, but for being a bully in school. Ji Soo has been accused of school bullying and sexual harassment. Because of the accusations, he was removed from the River When the Moon Rises.


6. Yunho 

Yunho is a veteran K-pop idol. He was accused of visiting an illegal escort bar and breaking  Covid-19 rules and norms. The scandal cost him quite a bit. He has been removed from the advertisement for Ottogi, a food-producing company, and Yogiyo, a food delivery app.


7. Ahn Jae Hyun 

Ahn Jae Hyun had a nasty fallout with his wife Koo Hye-sun, actress of Boys Over Flowers. Their divorce proceedings were messy and created a public uproar. After his divorce, brands like Merbliss and Giordano canceled their endorsements. He was also removed from the show New Journey to the West.


8. Song Joong Ki 

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo's divorce was heartbreaking for their fans. The duo starred together in the Descendants of the Sun.  Fans believe that due to the huge public criticism, the actor has not got many offers from brands.


9. Seungri

In recent years, Seungri has focused on his solo career. He appeared on several reality shows for promotion. He was also the face of Tinder in South Korea. However, Seungri in 2019 got caught up in one of the biggest scandals in South Korea. Seungri's name was attached to the Burning Sun scandal. Since then, he has retired from the industry.


10. Kang Daniel 

Kang Daniel is a former member of the disbanded group Wanna One. Kang Daniel was heavily criticized by the public just for getting a little extra attention. Being criticized for getting a little extra attention is undoubtedly weird. He also got hate for being in a relationship with Twice's Jihyo. The fans thought he was not good enough for her.