Article: Top 10 Thai Singers Who Ventured Into Acting

In the entertainment sector, there are no longer any predetermined boundaries for careers. Who is undoubtedly at ease juggling countless job tags—and accomplishing it all with a strange level of serene and hipness? Multitalented artists have leaped from singing awards to acting nominations that appear simply too easy. As people experiment with various roles, the plurality of works becomes runnier. And even though many actors make it seem simple to switch from being musicians to actors, many others still make futile attempts to win over reviewers. Many Thai singers who have tried acting have done well. And have gained fame as actors as well. So, let’s talk about the top 10 Thai singers who ventured into acting.

1. Jeff Satur

Jeff Satur, also known as Worakamon Satoe, was born on March 6, 1995. He is a Thai singer-songwriter, graphic designer, and actor. He is known for his role in the popular series KinnPorsche (2022). Not only is Jeff an incredible actor, but he is an excellent singer too. Jeff made his solo debut in 2013 with a song named โลกแตก.

2. Bright

Vachirawit Chivaaree, known as Bright, was born on December 27, 1997. Bright is a Thai singer, actor, and model. Bright is known for his leading role in 2gether: The series and F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flower. Bright, He has sung many songs in both the series with himself.

3. Katreeya English

Katreeya English is a Thai singer, model, and actress. She started show business by appearing in Jetrin’s Kong Wai music video at age 14. Later, she became a famous television actress in Thailand. In 2021, she debuted as a singer. She has recorded five albums till now.

4. Mew

Suppasit Jongcheveevat, known as Mew, was born on February 21, 1991. He is a Thai actor, singer, and songwriter. He is also the CEO of the Mew Suppasit Studio. He is widely known for his role as Tharn in Tharntype: The Series Suppasit made his debut as a singer with the release of his first single titled Seasons of You on August 1, 2020. Five of his songs reached the top 10 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart, making him the first Thai artist to achieve this.

5. Tom Isara

Tom Isara Kitnichi, also known as Tom Isara, was born on June 2, 1988. He is a Thai- Japanese singer and former member of the group Room 39. Isara made his solo singing debut on May 16, 2018. He was the winner of the first season of The Mask Singer. He has acted in many dramas such as Oh My Sweetheart (2021), Ra Rerng Fai (2005), etc.

6. Mai Charoenpura

Mai Charoenpura, also known by her stage name Mao Siriwimol was born on January 5, 1969. She is a Thai actress and singer. Since the 1980s, she has acted in various Thai dramas and films. She is best known for her role as Pring in Khon Rerng Muang. In 1989, Charoenpura made her debut as a singer. Since then, she has released dozens of albums and music videos and performed in dozens of concerts.

7. Jirayu Tangsrisuk

Jirayu Tangsrisuk, also known as James Jirayu, was born on September 19, 1993. Jirayu is a Thai singer, actor, and model. He made his official debut by starring in a series named Suphapburut Juthathep: Khun Chai Puttipat. Jirayu is also known for his roles in dramas, including The Loyal Wife, The One in My Heart, etc. He released his first song in 2014. On March 26, 2021, he presented his first mini music album.

8. Mike Pirat Nitipaisalkul

Mike Pirat Nitipaisalkul, known by the name Mike D’Angelo, was born on December 19, 1989. Mike Pirat is a Thai singer, actor, and model. He is widely known for his leading role in Full House and Kiss Me. Mike Pirat also gained immense popularity as part of the musical duo Golf and Mike. They debuted in 2005 and became popular pop icons.

9. Amphol Lumpoon

Amphol Lumpoon, born on July 20, 1963, is a Thai singer and actor. He was also the lead singer in the Thai rock band Micro. He has also acted in dramas such as Takai Dao, Hua Jai Lae Kai Peun, Mue Peun, etc.

10. Kawee Tanjararak

Kawee Tanjararak, born on May 18, 1980, is a Thai singer and actor who debuted as a model and actor. He was a member of the Thai boy band D2B. He debuted as an actor in 2001 with a movie named Where is Tong. He has also worked in dramas such as Glard Pai Soo Wun Fun, Game Rak Ao Keun, Turn Left Turn Right, Love Forever After, etc.