Article: Top 10 Amazing Child Artists Of Thai

Getting a role in a film is extremely tough in today's competitive world. Only after auditioning for several films, finally getting shortlisted, and practicing day and night can one truly be called a good actor. Not to mention there is new talent rising every day, so it is impossible to stay in the limelight for long. So yes, acting may not for sure be everybody's cup of tea, but these Top 10 Amazing Child Artists of Thai artists have proved that it might just be child's play. We hope you enjoy this list!

1. Charlie Trairat

Charlie Trairat or Nak as he is fondly referred to by his fans started as a child actor in the popular romantic film Fan Chan. He also played Ton, a young boy sent to boarding school in the Thai horror-thriller film Dorm. His debut as a child actor was in the 1995 film Once Upon A Time... This Morning.


2. Yanin Vismitananda

Yanin Vismitananda, fondly known as Jeeja is a celebrated Muay Thai martial artist and actress who debuted as a child actor in the celebrated action film Chocolate. She has also starred in movies like The Raging Phoenix and The Protector which also stars Tony Jaa.


3. Focus Jeerakul

Focus Jeerakul is a celebrated actress and model of Thailand. This actress rose to fame when she starred as the popular movie character Noi Naa in the movie Fan Chan when she was just 6 years old. She has also starred in the Thai series Hormones and received several accolades for her performance.


4. Yorch Yongsin

Yorch Yongsin is a budding Thai actor who has acted in several movies like Coffee Please and Threesome. He is famous for his debut role in the popular Thai lakorn Tong Neu Gao which he accomplished at the young age of 10. He is currently working on several other projects as well.


5. Savika Chaiyadej

Savika Chaiyadej is a popular Thai singer and actress, best known as Pinky by her doting fans. Savika was first seen on the big screen when she was featured in a popular Sony Trinitron commercial when she was only 8 years old. She then acted in lakorn Angkor 2 as a teenager.


6. Gino Chayanin

Gino Chayanin was born on September 19, 2005. He is the nephew of celebrated Thai star Chaiya Mitchai and seems to have followed the family legacy by starring in several dramas and lakorns as a child actor. The list of dramas includes Phaw Nu bpen Superstar, Dab Jed See Manee Jed Saen, and Sung Tong.


7. Nong Inter Rungrada

Nong Inter Rungrada is one of Thailand's most popular child actresses. Dubbed Mini Model 2017, she was Thailand's representative in the United States WCOPA world-class walking contest. She has starred in dramas like Dek Thai Jai Sue Sat, Lhong Ngao Jun, and Petch Roy Ruk.


8. Intira Charoenpura

This reputed actress debuted with a very complex role at the young age of 13 in the drama Lah which stars her as a girl who is gang-raped and becomes mentally ill. She is also a very popular singer like her elder sister Mai and her most notable song up till today is Khun Khru Kradat Sine, which is still used to commemorate Teacher's Day in Thailand.


9. Nong Unda

Unda Kulteera Yordchang is a rising Thai child star who has also participated in several catwalk contests. This sweet and charming star has featured in several lakorns like Dung Duang Haruetai, Buang Banjathorn, Baker Boys, and Porn Prom Onlaweng among others.


10. Nong Mac Nattaphat

Nattapat Nimjirawat, lovingly referred to by the nickname Mac, is a rising child actor who is best known for his role in the Thai lakorn Thong Nuea Kao. He is also the younger brother of Naphatthanan Nimjirawat or Mind. He has also featured in Kol Kimono, Sorry, I Love You, Luerd Ruk Toranong, and Lakorn Khon among others.