Article: Top 10 Sensational Thai Movies

Sensational movies like The Godfather, Roman holiday are famous all over. What makes them so spectacular? The reason is their plot, introduction, ending, making it the perfect set of a movie. Thai movies are exceptionally exciting, particularly in genres like- thriller, horror, action, and rom-com. We particularly tend to remember those scenes containing aesthetic views, beachside or high up in the mountains. From the highest-grossing films to beautiful scenes and emotional touches, it makes our hearts throb for Thai movies. Whether it is a Hollywood movie or a Thai movie these variables play an essential role. We have a list of ten sensational Thai movies for you right away.

1. Pee Mak

A romantic comedy-horror movie based on a supernatural story. It is an adaption of Mae Nak Phra Khanong, a well-known Thai female ghost legend of Thai folklore. It is a story in mid-19th century Siam (then Thailand), where war occurs with neighboring kingdoms. Mak and Nak are a couple, Nak is pregnant, but Mak has to go to war and comes back with his four new friends. Meanwhile, there is a rumor that Nak died during labor is now a ghost who sings a lullaby, which terrifies them. Will they find it out that Nak is a ghost? Find it out.


2. Ong Bak- Muay Thai Warrior

This 2003 movie is an action/martial arts movie starring Tony Jaa. Muay Thai- a type of martial art and Tony Jaa nailed the job and was internationally famed as the next big martial arts star. One of the highest-grossing films of Thailand, it depicts on promoting it. The story starts when a group of thieves from Bangkok steals the head of the ancient Buddha statue named Ong Bak in a rural village of Thailand. The highly skilled man called Ting (Tony Jaa) was sent to bring it back.


3. Bad Genius

A 2017 thriller heist film is about many students trying to cheat on SAT through some setting. This movie shows some unfair school-exam settings and issues faced by teenage students. One thing leads to another, and this heist goes on an international level where students need help in STIC (a global test for university entrances) where they almost get caught and learn their lesson. Based on the real-life events, this movie was the highest-grossing film of 2017 and gained recognition internationally.


4. A Little Thing Called Love

A teenage romantic comedy movie is about a seventh-grade girl who has a crush on a tenth grader boy who is quite popular in their school. She was considered not that good looking, and the senior is far out of her league. She tries everything to make the senior fall in love with her. She desperately wants his attention. As she goes to the upper classes, the feeling grows more robust and eventually becomes love. This movie was the second most comedy film of 2015.


5. Shutter

The shutter is a 2004 supernatural horror film. It emphasizes the mysterious things appearing in the photographs. Jane and her boyfriend, photographer Tun were returning from a party where Jane accidentally ran the car over a girl. Since then, some weird things have started happening to them. Turns out the girl they killed was Tun’s ex. Jane finds some ghostly photographs she developed and why she is haunting them. This film is one of the best horror movies made in Thailand. It has English, Tamil, and Hindi remakes as well.


6. The Medium

The Medium is a 2021 supernatural horror mockumentary (fictional documentary) film. This movie was the 6th highest-grossing movie in South Korea last year. The medium was selected as the official entry for the Oscars. This movie is about a team of documentary crew traveling to the Northeast part of Thailand in a small village to find out the holy spirit that possesses the particular family's women for decades and how things go upside down when they try to find the truth.


7. The Overture

This melodramatic musical movie was set in the 1940s in Thailand. The fictional story is the revival of the popular piphat a Thai classical instrument. The story is about, a Thai musician who is highly talented but faces some fear when a fierce-looking bearded Ranak-Ek(piphat-like instrument) player disturbs his confidence. He has to overcome his fear, and lack of confidence on stage and his strict teacher helps him get it back. This movie was Thailand’s official selection for the Academy Award for best foreign-language film in 2004.


8. The Letter

A romantic melancholy film is about a girl who falls in love with a guy while attending the funeral of her far cousin. They click immediately. Back in Bangkok, she waits for him to call on Valentine's Day but finds out her friend was murdered. She goes to this guy to find comfort. After getting married to find the guy has a brain tumor and dies. He lefts his wife a series of letters to make her feel comfortable when he is not around.


9. Chocolate

Also known as Zen, Martial within is a 2008 film based on martial art. Zen wants to take revenge for what happened to her mother. A giant gangster called no.8 has forbidden Zen's mother to connect with Zen's father (Masashi), who doesn't even know has a daughter. When she tries to make contact with Masashi, no.8 finds out and cuts her one toe as a reminder. Zen takes revenge by learning martial arts.


10. Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story

A 2009 romantic comedy film is a love story on a train. A woman in her thirties is worried about being left out as she is the only one in her group who isn't married yet. On top of that, she caught her boyfriend cheating on her. She has to take the train every day to work because her father forbids her to drive anymore after getting into a car accident. She meets a guy on the train and accidentally breaks his glass. She offers to repay, and after that, one thing leads to another, they fall in love eventually.