Article: Top 10 Young Rising Thai Musicians

The music business has altered because of these new platforms like Spotify. Artists are no longer required to rely solely on successful records. Because of this, the number of independent musicians is increasing. A growing number of musicians are encouraged by the industry's increased accessibility. Everywhere, including on TikTok, talent is found. These young people have come up with a fresh style of hip-hop, indie, and experimental music that combines Thai sensibility with components inspired by many genres and touches on more profound societal themes. They have formed a collective force that has propelled the industry to a new level. Below are the top 10 young rising thai musicians.

1. Pam Anshisa

Thai singer Pam Anshisa performs on the D.U.M.B. Recordings label. She previously belonged to GAIA. With the digital track Happy Pill, she made her solo debut on March 1, 2019. The name Pam Anshisa is well-known in this field. She has previously appeared in a song with Wafia and other musicians. Her single, Toxic, released earlier in 2021, has lyrics in both Thai and English. It's simple to become engrossed because it has a catchy beat and powerful feelings.

2. Kessari

Singer Nicole Glucksman, who performs under the stage name kessari, is of Thai and American descent. Her debut occurred on August 13, 2020. Her TikTok page was the source of her initial ascent to stardom. Since then, Kessari has released songs, including the smash song Lucid dreaming. With Best in me, she is releasing more music. Similar to Cupnoodle, Spotify playlists, both domestically and outside, have included her music. She is a person to keep in mind.

3. Chaleeda

Her single CIGARETTES one to keep an eye on is Chaleeda. Before releasing her song, she collaborated with Netflix and acted in The Stranded. Chaleeda Gilbert, also known by her stage name Chaleeda, is a Thai-British singer, actor, songwriter, and YouTuber. She became well-known in Malaysia as one of the competitors on Big Stage, an Astro-produced Malaysian reality television program.

4. Dogwhine

Music from DOGWHINE addresses social justice and raises awareness of issues in the nation. They are exceptional because of their capacity to produce music using various sounds. Their music is atmospheric, yet they also bring up societal frustrations. Liberated male band DOGWHINE, with five members, is signed to Sundae Records. Leader, a digital single, served as their debut release on January 25, 2019.

5. Soft Pine

A male band signed to Sundae Records is called Soft Pine. They made their debut with the digital single, เผลอนอนต่อ on December 6, 2018, when they were once a quartet. There are three people in this band, and they create soothing lo-fi music. The Trippy world is the name of their album. It demonstrates their experimental perspective and how they looked for a sound that serves them.

6. Cupnoodle

Thai singer-songwriter Cupnoodle is a solo artist. With the impressive single Girls, she made her debut as Sasha Johst on December 11, 2015. The digital song 2020, which she released on May 1, 2020, marked her comeback under her current stage identity. The song Pineapple On Pizza by independent Thai singer Cupnoodle became a hit. It appears on a lot of playlists. Because of its contagious melodies and timely words, this song will stick in your head all day.

7. Autta

One of the most prominent rising artists in the hip-hop industry right now is Auttakorn Korn Deachmak, better known by his stage name AUTTA. Rap lines written by this musical prodigy are incredibly complex in their compositions and  rap lines. He also works with well-known artists like Pop Pongkool and F. HERO.

8. Pixxie

PiXXiE, a trio of girls made up of Mabelz, Pimma, and Ingkho is the debut project from emerging LIT Entertainment. PiXXiE, imagined as a cheeky short elf, is another artist to keep an eye on amid the current T-Pop revival waves. With the release of instantly recognizable songs like DED, which will make you get up and follow their charming dance routine, PiXXiE is more on the soft and cutesy side of pop than fellow girl group 4EVE and leans more heavily on the female crush notion.

9. 4EVE

One of the pivotal forces behind the recent resurgence of girl groups in T-Pop is 4EVE. In 2020, this seven-person group, created as a result of the survival program Girl Group Star, released its debut single, Oohlala! was released in 2020. A full-length album, several singles, and a few collaborations with well known performers, like Billkin and PP Krit from the Boys Love series, came after this. As they continue to create top-charting songs accompanied by incredible choreography, 4EVE is now a source of inspiration for both the younger generation and the Thai music business.

10. Patrickananda

Under DUMB Recordings, Patrickananda is a Thai vocalist. Polaroid, a digital single, served as his debut release on September 13, 2019. Ananda Chuensomsong, who struggled to prevail in survival shows, is now growing like a phoenix with his impressive electronic-heavy tracks as Patrickananda. The 20 year-old Thai-Kiwi uses his distinctive baritone voice to anchor gloomy ambient tunes that induce hypnosis in listeners.