Article: Top 10 Chinese Feminist Dramas To Watch In 2022

The new year has just begun, so there aren't many dramas that have been released yet, but does that mean the drama lovers won't watch any dramas? I have listed below the latest Feminist dramas of 2021 and 2020, whose status is, completed and you can binge-watch it without having to worry about if you have to wait to watch the last few episodes.

1. A Female Student Arrives At The Imperial College

The story is about a girl named Sang Qi who joins the Imperial College to win a bet. It is a historical drama where the female lead made a bet to be invited to the Lantern Festival by a minister’s son; otherwise, she had to sing at the same festival instead of the opera singer. The said minister’s son keeps on rejecting her, so she decides to enroll herself in the Imperial College, to approach him and win the bet. What happens after that is a secret … I won’t spoil it for you.


2. The Long Ballad

The story is about the rebellious princess of Chang’an, Chang Ge. Her mother and father were killed in a rebellion that was started by her uncle. She plans to take revenge on him, and on her way she comes across the handsome and unbeatable General from the enemy tribe of her country, the Ashile Tribe. What follows is a saga of an immature but genius princess growing up to be a woman of great strength of character.


3. The Imperial Coroner

The story is about the first female Imperial Coroner of her time. The female lead grew up in a family of coroners. She comes to the city to become an Imperial Coroner and work in a government office for the Emperor . The story shows the excellent skills of a woman who chose a profession that even the men of her time were scared of. She was not afraid to be misunderstood, mistreated, or marginalised. She does her job with the utmost integrity, and keeps on surprising the audience, and people around her with her skills, and her wits.


4. A Girl Like Me

The story is about a woman of temper and no filter. She has already been married thrice, but her personality makes sure that all her marital relationships end drastically. One day, she starts having dreams which show her that there's danger lurking everywhere. She tries to interpret her dreams to protect her loved ones. She soon meets a man looking for answers from his past, a friendship develops between the two, and she decides to help him.


5. Court Lady

The story is about Fu Rou, the daughter of a merchant who leaves everything behind to become a master weaver in the palace. She slowly finds herself intertwined in a palace scheme from where only one weapon could save her, her wits. She meets a man who had been inspired by her long ago and wanted to become a better man to be deserving of her love.


6. Jun Jiu Ling

A princess discovers that her uncle (the current Emperor), might be responsible for the death of her father (the previous Emperor). She plans to take revenge, by killing him on the day of her wedding, but she is unsuccessful; she is thrown into jail as punishment. Her friend sacrifices herself, and her father interchanges their identities to save the princess. She adapts to her new identity, which coupled with her incredible skills allow her access to the lives of royals and nobles. She slowly unravels the mystery she failed to before.


7. Legend Of Fei

A girl who grew up confined in a fort and wanted to escape. She however changes her mind when she was saved from almost drowning by a young man. The two soon become friends and decide to improve their fighting skills together.


8. Fake Princess

A mountain bandit agrees to marry a deceitful prince for a chest full of gold. She faces endless humiliation, when she enters the palace as the wife of the crown prince. She, however, doesn’t take the insults lying down and answers back.


9. Maiden Holmes

The story of a girl who works as a government detective disguised as a man. She is an orphan, who is trying to bring justice for her dead family. She meets the prince who is undercover as an ordinary man, and joins hands with him to solve the corruption of the court,  and get justice for her family as well.


10. General's Lady

The story is about a young woman who decides to marry a demon general in exchange for a promise from her father to give her mother a better life. She goes to the frontiers to her wedded husband, who is astonished by her wits and skills. The two join hands to get justice for her husband’s deceased aunt’s family.