Article: Top 10 Korean Movies That Were A Huge Success

The Korean movie industry is also sometimes referred to as 'Hallyuwood.' While "wood" is a Hollywood term, "Hallyu" refers to the Korean wave. The movie industry is one of the most active and thriving markets worldwide. Korean movies and dramas are known for their high-quality products and unique storylines. Several genres of South Korean dramas are beloved by many. We are here to introduce you to ten highly successful movies you need to watch now!

1. Train To Busan

A must-watch South Korean movie is Train To Busan. The action/horror movie released in 2016 did well at the box office. The plot follows the protagonist, Gong Yoo, who has to choose between rescuing the passengers and his young daughter when they face a sudden zombie apocalypse. The movie was incredibly successful and received several awards and praises worldwide.

2. Parasite

Another movie that we can't afford to miss is the 2019 movie, Parasite. The movie portrays class discrimination in South Korea. The symbiotic relationship between a wealthy and a lower-class family will keep you hooked until the very end. The parasite was the first South Korean movie nominated for an Oscar.

3. The Call

The 2020 thriller/horror movie takes inspiration from the British film, The Caller. When Seo Yeon returns to an old property, she connects with a stranger through the phone. The protagonist soon discovers that the stranger lives in the same house but is 20 years apart. The movie has disturbing scenes with plot twists that many love.

4. A Tale Of Two Sisters

The film, inspired by the Joseon dynasty era, is directed by Kim Jee-Woon. The movie is about two sisters who have returned home from a mental institution. The girls struggle to deal with their stepmother and their mother's ghost that haunts them.

5. The Wailing

The wailing is another horror/thriller movie that is a must-watch. The film follows a stranger who has settled in a rural village. Soon suspicion is drawn towards the stranger when a sickly disease starts spreading. A policeman has to solve the case to save his daughter.

6. Alive

If you are a zombie movie fan, this movie is perfect. Alive is a 2020 horror/thriller movie directed by Il Cho. While an unknown infection spreads into the city, the protagonist remains trapped in his home. However, he soon discovers that he is not the only survivor and plans to escape.

7. Silenced

Silenced is a South Korean drama movie. When Gang In-Ho joins a school as a teacher, he finds disturbing truths about the school authorities. The sexually and physically abused children seek help from In-Ho, and with the help of a human rights activist, he plans to expose the staff.

8. A Taxi Driver

Based on a real story of 1980, a taxi driver agrees to carry a foreign journalist to Gwangju, South Korea. During their travel, they arrive to discover that a city is under student protesters and military. The movie has won several awards, including Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actor.

9. I Saw The Devil

The movie follows the story of a secret agent who plans revenge on a serial killer when his fiance falls victim to murder. The film received appreciation for its well-written storyline and excellent cast. The film, directed by Kim Jee-Woon, is gory and thrilling.

10. Pandora

Pandora is a 2016 thriller/drama movie directed by Park Jung-Woo. When a nuclear power plant explodes due to an earthquake, the people residing there face terrible consequences and radiation. The fictional film impressively portrays the issue of the disaster and the toll on the people.