Article: 10 K-Pop Idols Who Left The Industry

The Korean music industry is competitive and challenging. Kpop idols have to sacrifice a lot to become famous. They are always the center of attention and sometimes get unnecessary bashing from the audience for living like an ordinary person. These idols left the industry because it was tasking and tiring at the same time. They distanced themselves from the industry to do things they love away from the public eye.

1. Kim Sung Hee

Kim Sung Hee was a member of KARA and became a solo artist after announcing her departure from the group. She resumed studying after leaving the group. Kim Sung Hee declared her marriage in 2011. She appeared in a short documentary about his husband's imprisonment for not attending compulsory military training.

2. Sunye

Sunye got married when she was a member of the girl group Wonder Girls and gave birth to her child. She had to leave the group because of the criticism. She left the industry forever and gave birth to her second child.

3. Hong Yoo Kyung

Hong Yoo Kyung was a member of Apink and announced her departure because she wanted to study further. She got into a prestigious university and completed her degree. She is still friends with the members of the group.

4. Choa

Choa was a member of A.O.A and announced a break from the group to focus on her mental health. But she announced her departure during this break. She introduced her fashion brand and slowly moved away from the industry.

5. G.O

G.O was a member of MBLQ, and the group never announced its dissolution, but the members slowly disintegrated. G.O became a broadcaster and started a YouTube channel.

6. Yulhee

Yulhee was a member of LABOUM and announced her departure after the news broke out about dating an idol. She disclosed her marriage and pregnancy after her exit.

7. Jisoo

Jisoo was a member of TAHITI and announced her departure because of her issues with panic attacks. She got surrounded by controversies about a sponsorship. She became a pilates trainer after leaving the group.

8. Eunjin

Eunjin was a member of the girl group Dia. She announced her departure from the group due to her health problems and busy schedule. She became a streamer and broadcaster after her retirement. She is currently available on Youtube.

9. Lee Ji-Yeon

Lee Ji- Yeon is the singer of the hit track Wind. She moved to the United States after retirement and met her husband working at a Korean restaurant. She started working with her husband, and they opened their BBQ restaurant. She is among the top 100 chefs in Atlanta.


10. Lee So-Eun

Lee So-Eun was a famous ballet singer. She moved to the United States to study law. She chose to pursue a career as a lawyer after her retirement.