Article: Top 10 Chinese Stars Who Bagged Most Awards

Chinese actors and actresses are globally well-known for their acting and stunt styles. They have won many awards in China as well as Internationally. So, here we have the top ten Chinese stars who took home most of the awards:

1. Tony Leung Chiu-Wai

Tony Leung Chiu-wai, born in 1962, is a Chinese actor and singer. He is named "Small Tiger" among the Fiver Tiger Generals of TVB and is one of Asia's most successful and recognized actors. He has won many awards, including the Cannes Film Festival award for Best Actor for the film In The Mood for Love, and was named as one of "Asia's 25 Greatest Actors of all times." Tony Leung also holds the record for the most awards in the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor categories.

2. Tony Leung Ka-Fai

Tony Leung Ka-fai, born in 1958, is a Chinese actor who is a four-time winner of the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor. Tony Leung Ka-fai is known as "Big Tony," not to get confused with Tony Leung Chiu-wai, known as "Small Tony."

He has won the Best Actor awards for the movies like Reign Behind the Curtain (1984), Election (2005), Cold War (2012), and the Best Supporting Actor for Men Suddenly in Black (2004), Everlasting Regret (2005), The Drummer (2007), and so on.

3. Andy Lau

Andy Lau Tak-wah, born in 1961, is a Chinese actor, singer, songwriter, and producer. Since the mid-1980s, he has been one of Hong Kong's most successful actors performing in more than 160 films and having a singing career at the same time. In the 1980s, Lau was named the "Fourth Tiger" among the Five Tiger Generals of TVB. He won three Best Actor awards at Hong Kong Film Festival and two Golden Horse awards for Best Leading Actor.

4. Chow Yun-Fat 

Chow Yun-fat, born in 1955, also known as Donald Chow, is a Chinese actor. He is known for his collaborations with filmmaker John Woo in the five action heroic bloodshed films: The Killer, A Better Tomorrow, A Better Tomorrow II, Once a Thief, and Hard Boiled. He has won three Best Actor awards at Hong Kong Film Awards and two at Golden Horse Awards. He has won the Best Actor award for films like A Better Tomorrow (1987), City on Fire (1988), All About Ah-Long (1990), An Autumn's Tale (1987), and The Bund (1999).

5. Anthony Wong

Anthony Wong Chau-sang, born in 1961, is a Chinese-British actor. He is well-known in the West for his roles in the films, including Hard Boiled (1992), Internal Affairs (2002), and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008). He has won the Best Actor award for the films like The Untold Story (1993), Beast Cops (1998), Internal Affairs (2002), Lord of Shanghai (2015), and the Best Supporting Actor award for the films like Princess D (2002), Initial D (2005), and Internal Affairs (2003).

6. Nick Cheung

Nick Cheung Ka-fai, born in 1964, is a Chinese singer, actor, and director. He is a former Hong Kong Police officer. Cheung has won seven awards for the movie Beast Stalker (2008) and other Best Actor awards for the films like Unbeatable (2013) at Hong Kong Critics Society Awards and Golden Horse Film Awards. Nick Cheung married Hong Kong actress Esther Kwan in 2003.

7. Sean Lau

Sean Lau Ching-wan, born in 1964, is a Chinese actor who has acted in the television series and movies. Sean Lau has won the Best Actor awards in 2007 and 2015 at Hong Kong Film Awards, and at Golden Bauhinia Awards in 2000 and 2007. Lau made his debut in the industry in 1986 in the drama Draw Out the Rainbow. He has won awards for the movies like My Name is Fame (2007), Overheard 3 (2015), Life Without Principle (2012), and many more.

8. Jackie Chan

Fang Shilong (professionally known as Jackie Chan), born in 1954, is a Chinese actor, martial artist, filmmaker, and stuntman known for his fighting style and comic timing. He has performed in more than 150 films and has been acting since 1960. He is a globally known philanthropist and has been named one of the top 10 most charitable celebrities by Forbes. He has won the Best Actor award for the film New Police Story in 2005, and the Best Action Choreography award for Chinese Zodiac (2013), Miracles (1990), Rumble in the Bronx (1996), and Who Am I? (1990), and so on.

9. Sammo Hung

Sammo Hung, born in 1952, is a Chinese actor, director, producer, and martial artist. He is known for his work in Hong Kong Action Cinema and as a fight scene choreographer for the actors like Jackie Chan. He is often addressed with Jackie Chanas "Dai Goh”, meaning big brother. He has won many awards, including the Best Actor Award for the films like Painted Faces (1988), Carry on Pickpocket (1983), Ip Man 2 (2011), and the Best Action Choreography Award for Ip Man (2009, Ip Man 2 (2011), Paradox (2018), and so on.

10. Maggie Cheung

Maggie Cheung Man-yuk, born in 1964, is a former Chinese actress. She started her career in 1983's Miss Hong Kong Pageant. She rarely makes public appearances except for award ceremonies and fashion events.

She holds the record for winning the most awards for Best Leading Actress for the Golden Horse Awards. She became the first Asian actress nominated for the Best Actress at the French Cesar Awards in 2004. Her most popular performances include Center Stage, As Tears Go By, Green Snake, The Soong Sisters, Comrades: Almost a Love Story, Irma Vep, In the Mood for Love, and Clean.