Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas To Binge-Watch During Christmas Holidays

The holiday season is here and it’s finally time for you to lay back, relax, cuddle with that big plushy on your bed, and get swooned with the world of dramas. Have trouble deciding on what to watch? No worries we’ve got your back with this list of top ten comfort dramas ready to fill your days with cheer and fun.

1. Reply 1988

Like all the other reply series, this too carries a question. Who does she finally fall for? The Baduk genius, the tsundere, or the sweet reliable crush?

You will find your happy place amongst the 5 families residing in the same neighborhood with close-knitted hearts and a feeling of belongingness. The deep bonds between the kids as well as the elders beautifully portray themes that hit close to home. This coming-of-age retro drama is a long walk down the memory lane, set in 1988 South Korea portraying the lives of 5 super silly and lovable childhood buddies warming your hearts with endearment during a cold winter afternoon.


2. Goblin

Kim Shin, a decorated military commander from the Goryeo Dynasty cursed with the lonely weight of immortality spends the remainder of his long life using his divine powers for the sake of humanity and looking for the foretold goblin bride: the only one who may draw the sword piercing his body, freeing his spirit to dwell in peace in the hereafter, who is none other than Ji Eun Tak an upbeat highs schooler. Then comes our sassy Sunny who stole the heart of the cynical handsome grim reaper who happens to be Goblin’s housemate.

The story of four individuals woven magically together, Goblin with its heavenly visuals and the enthralling plot is beautiful in all senses.


3. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Wandering through this tale is nothing less than basking in the morning sun, and what else do we need for a perfect winter. Bok Joo an ace weightlifter and Joon Hyung a motivated swimmer strive hard, fighting through their insecurities and trauma along with getting swooped in endearing friendships and love. Plus points? Well, who minds spending days with huge grins plastered on their faces and some secret tips for having a hearty Bbq meal? With all characters providing us with much-needed swag and happy Vitamins, this drama is a literal ball of sunshine.


4. Oh My Venus

So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah, who plays the hot and sizzling couple, are ideal for this winter season. Kang Joo Eun, once an envied beauty with a fit physique, holding the title of ‘Daejeon Venus’, now an overweight lawyer comes across a famous trainer, Kim Young Ho. The endearing love story of this hot and sizzling couple heats up rapidly making this rom-com ideal for binge-watching while you kick back and relax and it may also inspire you to go to the gym after all of the delicacies you will most likely munch over these holidays.


5. Extraordinary You

Dan Oh’s whole life is wrecked when the sudden realization of ‘Hey you’re living in a comic book’ dawns upon her.

Playing the part of a side character with a severe heart illness Dan Oh is hell-bent to change the course of her story. With the other characters slowly becoming ‘aware’ of their reality, this extraordinary drama will ensnare you in its plot.

This sweet tale of romance between our chirpy Dan Oh and a mere extra Haru who carved his way into the heart of the story along with other wonderful characters brings before us a very entertaining show.


6. Wok Of Love

Hungry Wok is a modest, dingy Chinese restaurant with Chil Sung as the restaurant's proprietor who originally took over the eatery to provide jobs for his old jail comrades. This outstanding drama dives into a very interesting tale as one day, Seo Poong a star chef, and a broke heiress Sae Woo, both with their lives turned upside down come to see Chil Sung. From here starts a love story as fiery as the oil in a scorching hot wok. Watch Wok of Love and discover the passion and love that can be found in the chaotic working atmosphere of a kitchen and make your Christmas even more fun.


7. Rookie Historian Goo Hye Ryung

On one end we have Maehwa with his amorous novels sweeping young ladies off their feet and on the other is our avid reader Goo Hye Ryung as a forthright and feisty lady of class who finds Maehwa’s content highly overrated with countless flaws. Wait for them to cross paths and we’ll have a highly adorable and amusing show to binge on.

Hye Ryung entering a male-dominated system in the palace by becoming a rookie female historian leads from one thing to another and finally to Nokseodang into the heart of our dear prince Dowon. But wait, isn’t he that heartthrob novelist? Oops *smirk smirk*.

If you’re into pretty pastel robes, seraphic romantics, spunky heroines, and regal happenings, you can put this in your top 10.


8. Suspicious Partner

Noh Ji Wook a brilliant prosecutor and Eun Bong Hee a rookie intern cross paths over an embarrassing situation and you know you’re in for a fun ride when one meeting leads to another adding sugar on top of the interesting plot. The suspense starts when Bong Hee is wrongfully accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend, and Ji Wook is demoted for putting his reputation on the line to defend her. Soon their lives become intertwined, with one thing uniting them: discovering the true perpetrator responsible for the serial killings and of course the romantic tension between our lovable leads. With a gripping plot, incredible characters, and engaging backstories this drama is so worth your time.


9. Chicago Typewriter

Struggling to finish his next book, a well-known author Han Se Joo finds a magical typewriter that transports him to his prior life, and so he ends up in a complicated situation when a gifted ghostwriter Yoo Jin Oh with his distinct writing style offers to help him overcome the writer’s block, but definitely with a cost to pay. The delightful touch of comedy enters when Jeon Seol, a veterinarian, and obsessive reader, becomes an anti-fan of Se Joo, whose writing she believes is unworthy of such high praise.

This romcom fantasy, full of hope drama cherishing the art of writing and books is a winner.


10. Dream High

Six teenagers each with their problems to deal with but super talented in the field of music and dance join a reputed academy of performing arts to embark on their dreams of becoming K-pop stars. This idol youth drama nurtures the value of aspirations and self-belief as the admirable mentors delicately handle the lives of these students, still in their growing phase, helping them hone their skills and face their strengths and weaknesses. Portraying teenage rivalries, friendships and love ‘Dream High’ true to its name inspires you to do exactly that.