Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas That Show Loyal Friendships

There are many Korean Dramas on Friendships. Korean Dramas based on Friendships show how having great friends can make your problems disappear and life much easier. These Dramas show how people stay loyal to each other despite many difficulties in life. Korean Dramas based on Friendships have become very famous. Friendship Korean Dramas show the true meaning of friendship and tell friendships, too, can last forever.Here are the Top 10 Korean Dramas that Show Loyal Friendship

1. Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is a story about five friends who strive to pursue their dreams. They navigate early adulthood in the bleak aftermath of the 1997 Asian financial crisis. Nam Hee Do is a member of the high school fencing team. Due to the financial crisis, the group disbands. Baek Ye Jin’s family business goes bankrupt. Twenty-Five Twenty-One shows how they continue their friendship and stay loyal to each other despite so many problems in their life. Twenty-Five Twenty-One is one of the most-watched dramas of 2022.

2. Thirty-Nine

Thirty Nine revolves around the life of three friends who are in their late thirties. The drama shows the romance, Love of the three friends. The Drama shows no matter what age we are you have the right to enjoy our life to the fullest and gain different new experiences. The drama depicts the true friendship between the three friends. Thirty Nine shows how the three of them together go through all ups and downs in their life. Thirty Nine is a very famous Drama about friendship. The Drama aired in 2022.

3. Rookie Cops

Rookie Cops is about police academy students enrolled in the elite Korean National Police University. Rookie Cops is a coming-of-age story that captures the challenges, and passion of the youth as students at Korean National Police University. The Drama shows how students are passionate about becoming successful cops. Drama also depicts the friendship between the students. Rookie Cops shows how friends support each other in their difficult times.

4. Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist is a story of five friends. They have been friends since high school. Hospital Playlist is about five doctors who remain close to each other despite their busy schedules and share their love for music while working at the same hospital. The Drama depicts one of the most heart-warming friendships. It shows how all five friends stay connected and loyal to each other after years of company. Hospital Playlist has two seasons. Both seasons are very successful. Hospital Playlist was released in 2020.

5. Be Melodramatic

Be Melodramatic is a story of three thirty-year-old best friends, Jinju, Eun Jung, and Hanju. Three of them pursue different paths in career and Love. Despite challenging times three friends always return home and, at the end of the day. They always support each other. They face all the ups and downs in their career together. The Drama shows the true meaning of friendship and how friends are always rooting for you. This Drama was released in 2019. Be Melodramatic got a really excellent review from viewers.

6. Welcome To Waikiki

Welcome to Waikiki is about three friends who run a guest house in Waikiki in Itaewon. But their Guest house faces Bankruptcy, and then a mysterious baby and woman appear in their life. All three friends have a dream to finance their film project. Knag Dong Hoo dreams of becoming a movie director but is cynical due to bad luck. Cheon Joo Ki wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an actor. Bong Doo Sik came to Seoul just to become a scenario writer. Things have not been easy for any of them, but despite all the problems, they live together and face all the issues.

7. Hello My Twenties!

Hello My Twenties is a slice-of-life story about five girls, who live together in a sharing house called “Belle Époque.” The Drama shows how they connect over the growing pains in their youth. The drama depicts the issues that the younger generations face in Korea. It shows how they were total strangers and then created a strong bond that is warm as a family. They support each other and remain loyal to each other. Hello My Twenties was released in 2016.

8. My First First Love

My First First Love shows a couple of college students discovering love for the first time. Yeon Tae O moves to his grandfather’s old house. Things take a turn when his three friends walk up to his doorstep and ask for a place to stay. The Drama has Laughter, a fest of misunderstandings as each of them navigates their personal lives and their relationships with each other. The Drama proves the adage “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” My First First Love shows how they go through breakups, first loves, and sleepovers together.

9. Business Proposal

Business proposal is a romantic Drama. It is one of the most famous office Dramas. Despite having romance, the drama shows the great friendship between Shin Ha Ri and Yeong Seo. The two share secrets with each other. They both can do anything for each other. Their bond is so deep and supportive that whenever Yeong Seo’s family asks her to Go on blind date, she requests Hari to go in place of her. Hari does anything so that the person rejects the proposal.

10. Reply Series

The whole Reply series is about Friendships and Family. The drama embraces the slice of Life genre through its character’s daily lives. The Drama follows a series of five friends and their families. They go through their last years of high school and deal with romance, friendship, and ambitions in the process. Reply Series is considered one of the best dramas about friendships.