Article: Top 10 Famous Indian Names In South Korea

The popularity and craze of Indian Celebrities have been rising in South Korea for decades. The Korean netizens not only admire them but try to incorporate Indian Culture into their lives. They do so by trying out Indian cuisine and dancing to spicy Bollywood songs. They even visit India often, which showcases how Indian Culture has been dwelling upon them. There are many instances when Korean celebs have also talked about their favorite Bollywood actor and actress. Here’s the list of the Top 10 Indian Celebrities who are famous amongst South Koreans.

1. Abhisekh Gupta

The Delhi boy, Abhisekh Gupta, is nicknamed as lucky. He is a broadcaster, actor, and television personality in South Korea.

He is famous and loved among Korean netizens. He moved to South Korea in 1996 and started his acting career. He even participated in the show named ‘Non-Summit.’


2. Irrfan Khan

The list would be incomplete without Irrfan Khan. The late actor was one of the most famous Indian actors among South Korean netizens. He has been widely known for his Hollywood movies such as Namesake and Slumdog Millionaire.

The Korean netizens were ready to show his act in Korean dramas, but unfortunately, the strings of fate are now broken.


3. Shah Rukh Khan

The Bollywood King is not only famous in Hollywood for his charms, but he is well loved and appreciated by many South Korean actors and actresses.

The famous South Korean actress Baek Hee Jin expressed her love for Shah Rukh Khan when she visited India in 2017. She even mentioned his movie ‘Chak De India’ as her all-time favorite Bollywood movie.


4. Anupam Tripathi

The most famous Indian actor in South Korea at present is Anupam Tripathi. The actor gained worldwide recognition with his character Ali in the hit Korean Drama Squid Game.’

He has been working in the Korean Industry for almost years, making his acting debut in 2007. He has starred in many K-dramas such as Descendant of the Sun, Strangers from Hell, Taxi Driver, and The K2.


5. Tanya Sharma

The Korean Tourism Organization hosted a visitation for Indian celebrities in 2019. Indian Stars have a mass following in South Korea because of their shows and programs.

Tanya Sharma was invited to the grandeur event. She has been in the Indian Industry for almost a decade. She is widely known for her shows like Udaan and Saath Nibhana Saathiyaan.


6. Amir Khan

Amir Khan is lasting his influence in South Korea with his brilliantly written and executed movies such as Dangal and Three Idiots.

The Bollywood movie Three Idiots have been a massive success in South Korea. The BTS members Park Jimin and Kim Namjoon have shown their love and appreciation for the film in their BTS live.


7. Daler Mahendi

The Punjabi singer is famous for his song ‘Tunak Tunak’ in South Korea. The music sounds similar to South Korea’s pop song ‘The Gangnam Style.’

The song featured in the k-drama ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,’ and many netizens have used his music for their ringtone also.


8. Vivek Oberoi

The Bollywood actor gained immense success and fame for playing the role of a villain in the 2005 movie ‘New Police Story.’ He was cast with the humble and loved Jackie Chan.

He is famous among Korean netizens for his role in New Police Story, and they would love to see him play more villainous characters in the future.


9. Kangana Ranaut

The Bollywood actress, who is known for her outspoken and stanches of opinions, is not only famous in India but also in South Korea. She has starred in many brilliant movies, such as Queen.

BTS’s Seokjin once expressed his liking for Bollywood movies. He stated he liked Queen and Dear Zindagi. Kangana’s movie ‘Queen’ has been premiered at the Busan International Film festival also.


10. Vasundhara Das

Vasundhara das was speculated to soon act in K-dramas. She has been giving some opinions or instructions to the actor J. Lee. She was in military uniform.

She is well known and loved among a few Korean netizens. Something new and exciting is coming for K-drama enthusiasts. We would love to see more Bollywood celebs in Korea.