Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas Of Anupam Tripathi From Squid Game

The Indian actor Anupam Tripathi has been practicing acting in South Korea since 2007. He graduated from the Korean National University of Arts. He started his acting career with several minor roles in Korean movies and dramas. He achieved a breakthrough when he got his first leading role in the Netflix series ‘Squid Game.’ The series received the highest rating within a week of its premiere and became a must-watch series. Here we have prepared a list of the Top 10 dramas he featured in.

1. Squid Game

The 2021 K-drama Squid Game paved the way for Anupam Tripathi and opened the door for success. He became famous for playing Ali’s character. He gained immense sympathy from the viewers after getting betrayed by the person he has trusted. He played the role of a Pakistani immigrant who worked hard for his family. He is also named player No. 199.


2. Descendants Of The Sun

The 2016 Korean drama was a major hit in India. The love story between a doctor and a soldier provoked many significant sentiments among viewers. Anupam Tripathi played the role of a person who gave the female lead Dr.Kang her shoes. He appeared in episodes 6 and 7. Though Anupam appeared for a few minutes, he will be remembered.


3. The K2

The 2016 Netflix Korean drama The K2 is a crime-thrill-action-based drama. Anupam Tripathi got the golden opportunity to work with Ji Chang Wook and Younha in the drama. He played the character of an illegal immigrant who gets caught by the soldiers in the act of crossing the border. He spoke Hindi in the first few episodes of the drama.


4. Arthdal Chronicles

Anupam Tripathi acted with the actor Song Joong Ki again in the Netflix drama Arthdal Chronicles in 2019. He played the role of one of the bystanders who had all the town gossip. He was always hanging out with his fellow friend and delivered the crucial happenings of the city. His character kept rumors in the show.


5. Strangers From Hell

Anupam Tripathi played the role of a missing person Kumail in the strangers from hell. He was murdered and killed by the people he lived with, within a shared apartment. Later his wife embarks on a mission to find her missing husband. He was always observed as an anxious and afraid man around his neighbors.


6. Misty

The 2018 Korean Drama Misty has also featured Anupam Tripathi. He made a guest appearance in the drama. He played the character of a person who assaulted his Boss. His role was small, but the way Anupam acts leaves a lasting impression on the minds of viewers. His fans love to see him playing different characters.


7. The Devil Judge

The 2021 Korean Drama The Devil Judge featured many talented actors such as Ji Sung, Jin Young, and Anupam Tripathi. He played the role of a protestor in episode 9 of the series. Episode 9 was one of the best episodes of the show. The viewers were stunned by the cinematography and the actor’s acting skills.


8. Taxi Driver

Anupam Tripathi shared the screen with the actor Lee Jee Hoon also. He played the part of a courier boy in the Netflix drama Taxi Driver. The role of a courier boy was necessary to bridge the gap between injustice and justice. These are the small roles that motivated Anupam to keep striding towards success in his Life.


9. Hospital Playlist

Anupam Tripathi also appeared in the slice-of-life Korean drama Hospital Playlist. He played the role of a foreign partner’s coworker. When Anupam got his breakthrough with Squid Game, the K-drama enthusiasts instantly recognized him when he appeared in the hit healing drama ‘Hospital Playlist.’ It’s astonishing, but Anupam has appeared in all the hit projects till now.


10. Just Between Lovers

The 2017 psychological healing drama also featured Anupam Tripathi. Anupam Tripathi played the role of Sook Hee’s customer. The drama dealt with some pertinent issues. He played his character well and enhanced his supporting character too.

The audience would love to see Anupam in more significant projects and someday as the main lead.