Article: Top 10 Emotional Quotes From My Mister

My Mister is a realistic drama. It is based on the dark and practical aspects of Life. The drama takes viewers on a Journey of a 20-year-old Lee Ji-Ah, who has been doing menial jobs to pay off her parent’s debt. While working at a company, she meets Park Dong Hoon. The two eventually start having pleasant conversations that help her to overcome her traumatic experiences. Both Lee Ji-Ah and Park Dong Hoon bring peace to each other’s monotonous Life. The drama portrays the life of everyday people surviving the wrath of time. Here are the top 10 emotional quotes from My Mister.

1. Isn’t it only humans to try and let others forget their past as much as we want to forget our own?

The question asked by Par Dong Hoon portrays irony. It shows how people don’t put themselves in others’ shoes while judging them. It’s better if we start understanding what others feel and not what they offer.

2. What happened in the past is no big deal. If you consider it to be no big deal.

While conversing with Lee Ji-Ah, Park Dong Hoon states you can major the things you went through. If you think wasn’t significant, then you can be at peace. However, if you believe it is traumatic, then it will look like that.

3. When you want to die, it’s great to have someone who tells you not to die, that you are a good person, and that you should cheer up. That alone helps you breathe.

Having someone who helps you during your darkest times is a blessing. Park Dong Hoon having Lee Ji-Ah cheering her up was incredible and beautiful.

4. If you get to know a person, if you get to know them, nothing they do bothers you. And I know you.

People will always have trust issues with the ones they don’t know. The one they know will never distrust their significant others. Knowing someone is a beautiful thing. It’s a blessing you have someone to rely.

5. Among the things that Mister said most often, I think the kindest thing he said was, ‘Want me to buy anything on my way home?

It shows homecoming of significant others can be a beautiful thing. When someone’s Wife, husband, or anyone returns home bringing something delicious to eat, the other person feels happy and contained.

6. He used to be a good guy, she said. He used to treat me well. And occasionally, when his father used to attack me, he would try to stop him, and hit him instead of me.

Lee Ji-Ah talks about the friend who used to be nice to her is now her enemy. Things have changed, and she can’t seem to recognize her friend anymore.

7. I’m tortured by the memory of the times he was kind to me, and he’s plagued by the memories of the times he liked me.

There are times when people who used to know each turn into complete stranger. They turn into strangers for one reason or the other.

8. There are no such things as ‘winning’ or ‘losing’.

Everyone has his or her own life.’ People shouldn’t compare themselves with others. Everyone has their own failures and success. Comparison only brings misery and sadness. It’s better if people work on themselves and strive to achieve perfection. There is only life.

9. Kids who have gone through pain grow up too fast.

These are Park Dong Hoon’s words concerning Lee Ji-Ah. Her creditor has verbally and physically abused her. Everything in life made her fearful. She suffers from traumatic events and desires happiness. She will soon become an adult. Even though she is just 20 years old, she has already held numerous jobs in order to cover her grandmother’s medical expenses and her father’s debt.

10. If you can still laundry, it means you are still sober. If you can wash the clothes that you wore that day, it means you are still okay. I washed them. I finished my daily task for the day. I am not completely gone. I am just living fine.