Article: Top 10 Heart-Breaking Quotes From Move To Heaven

The therapeutic, dark, slice-of-life drama marks a turning point in Lee Je Hoon’s career. The drama revolves around the real-life story of a Trauma Cleaner. Lee Je Hoon plays the character of Han Ge Ru’s uncle Sang Gu. The drama revolves around the life of Trauma Cleaners who are engaged in cleaning the crime place of a deceased person. They also collect the belongings of deceased ones and return them to their loved ones. The drama also unravels the growing relationship between uncle and nephew. Here are the top 10 heart-breaking from the Move To Heaven that viewers loved.

1. Dad says what makes a good person is how they try to understand others, not how they talk.

People can speak not very intellectually and can lack communication skills. But what matters is how that person is willing to understand other person’s perspectives. Understanding isn’t everyone’s talent, and only rare individuals have that quality.

2. How can you be calm over this? You were such a neat freak back at home. That’s my home, but the scenes are homes of the deceased. They request us to clean theirs because they can’t do it. So I’m okay with it. I can make them clean for them.

3. Although you can’t see someone. It doesn’t mean they are not with you. As long as you remember, they are not gone.

Dying isn’t the end of someone’s presence in our life. They will always be with us, their memories, sound, smell, habits, and everything they have. Human Beings never forget their significant others.

4. It’s grim to see people who had too much stuff, but it’s also sad to look at how little someone could leave behind.

While living this life, people have many things which they use throughout their life. However, it’s sad how little people can have left in the form of memories and friends.

5. Two of us are looking at the same thing, but one sees love while the other sees hate.

Everyone has their perceptions. Everyone thinks differently from others. One can find pouring rain beautiful while the other can see it bothersome. One thing can be a different source of feeling for others.

6. Everyone is responsible for their own life.

Every individual makes their own choice. That choice makes the path of their life. It can be either good or bad. It all depends on how an individual perceives their life. If they choose to work hard and learn from their mistakes, they can change their life overnight. But if they decide to blame it on someone else, it will only make them miserable.

7. My youth dies as a flower does.

Youth is a fleeting moment of life and can end in just a moment. It rushes like a wind. The younger generation enjoys it like it’s never-ending but as they enjoy these moments, what they don’t realize is that it will end soon. Nothing is permanent in this world.

8. Since I first met you, I want to live for tomorrow, I said. Because of you, I want to be a bolder guy than I was yesterday. I don’t want to run away like a coward any longer. Until I pass away, I won’t let go of your hand.

The lines said by Jung Soo-Hyun prove how he is so in love with his person. He wants to live for him. He no longer wants to die. He has the reason to live for the next day. He wants to cherish the person he loves.

9. I don’t like those bullies, but I hate the ones even more who get beaten up.

Han Ge-Ru’s uncle is a boxer. He helped a woman who was getting abused on the road. He surely doesn’t like bullies and criminals but hates it more when someone intentionally does nothing to protect themselves.

10. When you want to get their feelings and thoughts, you can imagine yourself being in their shoes. It’s easy. Just imagine. How sad would I be if I were that sick? How mad would I be if someone lied to me? How happy would I be if someone said nice things to me?