Article: Ten Times K-pop Idols Were Ignored

Being an entertainer isn’t an easy job especially a K-pop idol. From hardcore training to handling anti-fans, they frequently have to go through tough times. They are continuously under inspection and lack privacy in their lives. They constantly have to prove themselves worthy of their title to netizens. These idols are mistreated by their fans even after all their hard work. Below are K-pop idols who were mistreated and ignored by their fans because of the most nonsensical reasons:

1. Kyuhyun 

Kyuhyun is a member of the boy band Super Junior which debuted under SM Entertainment. The group was initially a twelve-member group, but had member changes every year. Kyuhyun was added to the group later as the thirteenth member. Netizens instantly started hating him, saying that he destroyed the dynamics of the group. But his unique vocals, and fun personality matched perfectly well with the group and he was accepted as a member finally.


2. Henry Lau

Henry is a solo singer-songwriter, producer, musician, and actor. He was a former member of the group Super Junior-M which was the Chinese version of the group. He was added later as a member of the group and immediately faced backlash. He apologized for causing distress and asked netizens to trust him. He proved his position as a member with his multitalented and loving personality.


3. Yeri 

Yeri is a singer and actress from South Korea. She is a member of the girl group Red Velvet. When she was added later to the group, she faced backlash as netizens claimed she wasn’t good at singing or dancing, and nor was she standing out with her visuals. Later she was approved as a member as they realized she completed the group and balances it.


4. Hyeri 

Hyeri is a member of the girl group Girls’ Day. She was a replacement for the members who left the group. She was ignored initially, and was under controversy for dating H.O.T’s Tony. But her popularity skyrocketed when they saw her cute personality in Real Man. Her breakthrough drama “Reply 1988” gained popularity and she was finally accepted by the netizens.


5. E’Dawn

E’Dawn is a rapper and singer-songwriter from South Korea. He was formerly a member of the boy band Pentagon. He was not famous as he was initially eliminated during the lineup show Pentagon Maker. With the group’s comeback single “Shine,” he rose to popularity. Unfortunately, he had to leave Pentagon as he started dating HyunA. They are dating happily and are supported by their fans for their future.


6. Umji 

Umji is a member of the girl group Viviz. She was formerly a member of the girl group Girlfriend. She was ignored as she was called the ugliest member of the group. She was so insecure she hid her face with her hair while dancing in music shows. Now, after her diet and style change, she gained popularity and confidence in herself.


7. Junho 

Junho is a member of the boy band 2 PM, which debuted under JYP Entertainment. Initially, he didn’t receive much screen time as other group members shined more, according to netizens. But soon after he released his solo album, he gained popularity on the charts and recognition as a performer. He maintained his fame through his drama The Red Sleeve.


8. Lisa 

Lisa is a member of the popular girl group Blackpink. Even though she is considered one of the most talented and famous members overseas, South Korean and Chinese netizens constantly bullied her while calling her ugly. They claimed she looked like an average ordinary girl. But as we know, with fame comes hate; hence Lisa paid no attention to her haters, and continues to shine today.


9. Huening Bahiyyih 

Huening Bahiyyih is a member of the girl group Kep1er. During a fan signing, she was ignored and didn’t receive any gifts from her fans. She was visibly upset at the event and netizens were upset over the fans’ behavior.


10. Kim Lip 

Kim Lip is a member of the girl group Loona. She was shown a rude gesture by a fan while performing onstage. She immediately ran off stage in tears and had to sit out for the rest of the show as she was not feeling well. The fans kept chanting a fellow member’s name even while she was talking to express her feelings, followed by the rude gesture. That instantly made her upset.