Article: K-Dramas About Body Swapping

When the Koreans take the saying "walk a mile in someone else's shoes" too seriously, you get shows that are filled with fantastic comedy, drama, and rollercoaster of emotions. Body-swapping is a theme where two or more characters switch their roles or souls between each other. If you are tired of seeing the same old dramas with almost the same storylines, then you can give these shows a shot. You can always count on one thing regarding these K-dramas - the unexpected.

1. The Heavenly Idol

What happens when a god from a supernatural world switches bodies with a K-pop idol? The Heavenly Idol drama has a concept that none of us has ever expected. It is based on the Munpia and Naver Series web novel. The show includes some outstanding casts ( Kim Min-kyu and Ko Bo-Gyeol as the main leads). The costume and set designs are top-notch. The Heavenly Idol is either a hit or miss in captivating the audience or not appealing at all.

2. Mr. Queen

This show might be the most-liked K-drama of 2021. Based on the Chinese web series Go Princess Go, the story follows a modern-day chef based in Seoul. After an accident, he finds himself in the body of Queen Cheorin of the Joseon period. This unusual switch creates some hilarious and hearty scenes throughout the series. The cast of the show has done a tremendous job. If someone is new to the K-drama world, then one can enter this realm by watching Mr. Queen. It is a highly engaging, entertaining, and recommended drama.

3. Oh My Ghostess

Oh My Ghostess revolves around an assistant chef possessed by a passionate virgin ghost. This situation leads to many comedic and dramatic moments as the ghost tries to fulfill her unfulfilled desires. The two characters try to co-exist while dealing with their everyday tasks. The show's script avoids clichés, bringing a new perspective to the rom-com genre. Overall, it is a must-watch for the fans of romantic comedies.

4. Please Come Back Mister

The show is based on the Japanese novel “Mr. Tsubakiyama's Seven Days." It tells the story of two men who are given a second chance after their untimely deaths. They return to the living world, where they are surprised to find themselves in the bodies of a young woman and a handsome man. The storyline is filled with fantasy, comedy, drama, and confusion. The comedic timing is a standout aspect of this series. For those who like watching fantasy, Please Come Back Mister is worth trying.

5. Two Cops

Two Cops is a blend of crime, fantasy, and comedy genres. The series follows a detective and a con artist. As they switch their bodies, they are forced to solve crimes together. This hilarious show will bind you from the start. It is a fresh concept with a fitting cast of Jo Jung-suk and Kim Sun-ho. Two Cops is a binge-able Series with no lagging moments.

6. Scarlet Heart: Goryeo

Also known as Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, the K-drama is based on the Chinese novel "Bu Bu Jing Xin." When a 21st-century woman unknowingly travels back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty during the reign of King Taejo, she finds herself in the body of a girl. The central theme of Scarlet Heart: Goryeo is romance, with a hint of unnecessary politics. The chemistry between the two leads, i.e. IU and Lee Joon-gi, will make you hooked to the show. Finally, Scarlet Heart: Goryeo is quite a convincing historical drama.

7. Big

Big is about a supernatural twist of fate of an 18-year-old high school student whose spirit ends up in the body of a doctor. The drama is much more than just a romantic comedy. The consistent, light-hearted, entertaining scenes make the characters shine. The show's pace is moderate, with a total of 16 episodes. The cast includes Gong Yoo as the doctor and Shin Won-ho as the student. It is an enjoyable drama for those who like light humor and cozy moments.

8. Secret Garden

Secret Garden is about the body-swapping between a wealthy CEO and a stuntwoman. It is a romantic comedy with a total of 20 episodes. Hyun Bin's portrayal of the CEO is mysterious and engaging. The chemistry between the central characters is the drama's appeal. The clever dialogues and arguments are engaging. The show was quite a success. It won many awards. Hyun Bin created a "Hyun Bin Syndrome" everywhere in the newspapers and on television.

9. Room No. 9

Room No. 9 is a South Korean legal thriller drama. Two women, one of whom is a lawyer and the other a death row convict, accidentally switch souls with each other. It is quite an intense drama. The series maintains the tension and intrigue throughout its runtime. It tackles serious issues with engaging plotlines and dialogues. The character development in the show is brilliant. The suspense of a legal thriller is always engaging to watch. Room No. 9 is a good one and a must-watch for the fans of this genre.

10. The Beauty Inside

The show "The Beauty Inside" is about a woman who wakes up in a different body daily. That's the unique point about the show. Whenever you pick a new episode, you are introduced to a new character with a different set of personalities than others. The storyline explores the importance of self-discovery. For its unique concept, the show received a positive response from the viewers. Overall, it is a standout romantic fantasy drama that you won't regret watching.