Article: Short K-Dramas With Less Than 10 Episodes To Watch

Sometimes, all we need is a short, thrilling, and exciting drama to watch. There is no better way to spend your short time with a gold old short K-drama that will keep you all glued to your device. When we have a busy life and don’t have much time, we don't have a lot of time to watch these long dramas. That’s why short K-dramas are there for the win. Here is a list of short K-dramas with less than ten episodes.

1. Grid

Grid is a thriller Korean drama released in 2022, starring Kim Ah-Joong, Kim Sung-Kyun, Seo Kang-Joon, Lee Si-young, and Kim Mu-Yeol. The Earth is under the protection of the grid, having survived catastrophic solar winds. A bureau employee, Kim Sae Ha, encounters a murderer. A detective, Jung Sae Byeok, gets dispatched to arrest the murderer. During this, she witnesses an unbelievable phenomenon, a ghost from the past, the founder of the Grid who after 24 years reappears.

2. One Ordinary Day 

One Ordinary Day is a crime thriller drama starring Cha Seung-won and Kim Soo-hyun. The story explores the criminal justice system from the perspective of two men surrounding the murder of a woman. An ordinary college student, Hyun Soo, suddenly starts to become the prime suspect in a murder case. Shin Joong Han is a lawyer who is willing to help him. He has barely passed law school, and this case eventually takes his life to new heights.

3. The Silent Sea

It is a science fiction drama released in 2021, starring Lee Joon, Bae Doona, and Gong Yoo. The drama is mostly science fiction but also a blend of genres like mystery and thriller. It is set in the future, where the planet suffers from a lack of food and water due to desertification. Yoon Jae is a space agency soldier. He gets selected along with Ji An for a team to travel to the moon. Even a scientist joins them on the mission to recover samples from an abandoned lunar space station that had killed everyone and her sister in an accident.

4. Pachinko

Pachinko is a historical romance drama released in 2022, directed by Kogonada and Justin Chon. It stars Kim Min Ha, Youn Yuh Jung, Jin Ha, and Lee Min Ho. The story follows four Korean family generations, starting from 1915 to 1989. Sunja in 1931, left her family in Korea during the Japanese rule, to move to Osaka, Japan, to live in Koreatown and start a new life. It detailed the conditions and the discrimination the Korean immigrants face in Japanese society. The show got renewed for a second season in 2022.

5. Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding

It is a historical BL drama released in 2021, starring Kang In Soo, Han Se Jin, and Jang Eui Soo. During the Joseon Dynasty, on a warm spring day, the wedding of Hwa In and Ryu Ho Seon takes place. On their wedding night, he becomes suspicious of her. This is for a good reason because his bride is a man. Now, he is face-to-face with Choi Ki Wan, her brother. He explains that she loathes political marriages, which makes her disappear. He tries to annul the marriage, but his mother is against it.

6. Trap

Trap is a thriller drama released in 2019, starring Sung Dong-il, Lim Hwa-young, and Lee Seo-Jin. Kang Woo-hyun is an anchorman whom everyone loves and seems to have a perfect life. After going on a vacation with his family, he encounters a life-changing event, after falling into a mysterious trap. Go Dong-kook is a detective with uncanny instincts who gets assigned to this case. He, with an intelligent profiler, Yoon Seo-young, analyzed this case.

7. My Name

My Name is an action crime drama released in 2021, directed by Kim Jin-min. It stars Han So-hee, Ahn Bo-hyun, and Park Hee-soon. Suddenly, Yoon Ji-woo’s father dies, and she is desperate to take revenge on who is responsible for his death. She works for a drug gang that is led by Choi Mu-Jin. She joins the police force, becoming the gang's mole. Using the fake name of Oh Hye-Jin, she is assigned to work in the drug investigation and her partner is Detective Jeon Pil-do.

8. Peach Of Time

Peach of Time is a youth romance drama released in 2021, starring Choi Jae Hyun, Jimmy Karn, and Tommy Sittichok. A 22-year-old Thai boy, Peach, takes a daring step in life and flies to Korea to meet Yoon Oh, his Korean friend. He is staying at his house, and they can finally be together. They met in Phuket when Yoon Oh visited his parents' restaurant. Yoon Oh’s mother, Sung Suk, is reserved and cautious in his presence.

9. Search

Search is a mystery thriller drama released in 2020, starring Krystal Jung, Yoon Park, Moon Jeong-hee, Lee Hyun-wook, and Jang Dong-Yoon. Yong Dong Jin is a South Korean conscript sergeant who is a leading sniffer dog handler and is just one month away from his discharge. But just weeks to go, a mysterious case sucks him into the story. In the DMZ, the area between South and North Korea, a murder piques the army’s attention. The army forms an elite search party, enlisting him.

10. A Model Family

A Model Family is a crime thriller drama released in 2022, directed by Kim Jin-woo. It stars Yoon Jin-seo, Jung Woo, Park Ji-Yeon, and Park Hee-soon. It shows the journey of realizing the importance of family and becoming a model family against drug gangs. The story is about an ordinary family who is on the verge of bankruptcy and gets involved with a drug ring amid, close calls and dangerous missions, the family come together, becoming a model family who stands up against them.