Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas For Science Fiction Lovers

If you enjoy speculating about the future, you’re probably a fan of sci-fi dramas. A wide range of ideas got covered under the sci-fi genre, including apocalyptic settings, biotechnology, parallel universes, and more. The number of sci-fi K-dramas has increased recently. Here is a list of the Top 10 Korean Dramas for Science Fiction Lovers.

1. W: Two Worlds Apart

The drama shows the intersection between the real world and a parallel universe from a webtoon. It features the excellent shooter Kang Chul. However, a tragedy rapidly overshadows his fame when an unknown killer murders his family, and he gets accused of the crime. Ten years later, he begins Project W to find the killer responsible for his family’s demise. Things take an even strange turn when he meets Oh Yeon Joo, the illustrator’s daughter who has found herself in the comic world.

2. Memories Of The Alhambra

Memories of the Alhambra, which takes place in both Spain and Korea, tells the story of Yoo Jin-woo, the CEO of an investment company, who travels to Granada to meet Jung Se-Joo, the missing creator of a virtual reality game. Instead, Jin-woo meets Jung Hee-Joo, Se-Joo’s sister, and the two travel between the actual world and the AR universe to solve a series of puzzles.

3. Alice

After a death separates a man and a woman for all time, time travel invented by a group called Alice allows them to reunite. Detective Park Jin-Gyeom doesn’t display any emotion. The time travelers use a space named Alice to travel from the future to the present. He meets with Yoon Tae-Yi again during this period, who died in the past. She is a brilliant physicist and has the key to time travel. She learns a secret behind her as they jointly uncover the time travel secret.

4. Doom At Your Service

An editor at a web novel company Tak Dong Kyung suffers every terrible thing that could go wrong in a single day. She is diagnosed with glioblastoma and has three months to live. She makes a wish, and Myul Mang, the messenger between the gods and humanity, decides to grant it. He will give her one wish, but only if she ends the world or loses the one she loves most in the act.

5. Sisyphus: The Myth

In the science fiction mystery drama Sisyphus: The Myth, a brilliant engineer and a mysterious figure are the main leads. Since his brother passing ten years ago, Tae Sul has continuously contributed to the instability of his company’s stock price. He sees an incredible sight one day. He goes on a dangerous journey in search of the truth.

6. Melting Me Softly

The male lead Ma Dong Chan, a PD who works on a variety show, and the female lead, Go Mi Ran are the subjects of the drama Melt me Softly. They took part in a cryogenics experiment that irreversibly changed their life. Ma Dong Chan and Go Mi Ran expected to wake from their frozen state after 24 hours, but when they awoke, they found that 20 years had already passed.

7. The King: Eternal Monarch

In his generation, Lee Gon is the third Korean emperor. He is considered the ideal leader by his followers. His father gets murdered in front of him after a revolt. During one of his travels, he witnesses himself thrown into a parallel universe where he meets Inspector Jeong Tae Eul and works with him to stop the criminals, closing the door between their two universes.

8. My Holo Love

Go Nan Do headed an IT research company. However, only his stepsister and the official CEO are aware of his presence. He was a hacker in a significant case ten years ago and eventually died while being chased after. Han So Yeon works as an assistant manager for a glasses manufacturer. She gives her work and clients full attention. She maintains a distance in her personal life, though, as she struggles with prosopagnosia, or the inability to recognize faces.

9. Are You Human Too?

Nam Shin is the son of a family that owns a large corporation. He meets an unexpected accident and goes into a coma. Oh Ro-Ra, his mother, is an expert in both artificial intelligence and brain research. She develops an android named Nam Shin III that resembles her son Nam Shin identically. The android poses as Nam Shin, and he gets protected by So-Bong.

10. I’m Not A Robot

I Am Not A Robot is an android named Aji 3. As a favor to her ex-boyfriend Baek-Gyun, the main female Ji-A must act like this robot when it malfunctions. Although, in theory, this seems straightforward, the story quickly develops into something much more. Every one of the characters excels in their respective roles.