Article: 10 Korean Dramas  With More Than 1 Season

Korean dramas offer a world of emotions, romance, fun and evolving stories through their dramas. These captivating Korean  series, often spanning multiple seasons, paint a vivid picture of diverse characters and their life journeys. Each season continues the narrative, searching deeper into the lives, dreams and challenges of the characters, keeping viewers eagerly for next season. We'll  explore ten Korean dramas with more than one season.

1. Yumi's Cell

Season 1 of the drama centers around an everyday office worker, with the story told from the perspective of the brain cells that regulate her thoughts, emotions, and actions. Yumi (played by Kim Go-Eun) is an average woman whose love cell goes asleep after the emotional blow of a failed relationship. The series portrays her journey of growth and change as her cells strive to revive the asleep love cell. Goo Woong (played by Ahn Bo-hyun) is a dedicated game developer guided by logic and engineering principles. Despite his lack of emotional expression, he endeavors to reawaken Yumi's love cell with his genuine and straightforward nature. In season 2,  following her separation from Goo Woong, Yumi enters a new romantic relationship with her colleague, Babi (played by Jinyoung). However, their relationship encounters difficulties when Babi withholds certain truths, causing strain between them over time.

2. Voice

Voice" is a gripping Korean drama series that follows the intense work of the Golden Time Team, an emergency call center and a special police task force. The team is dedicated to saving lives and capturing criminals. Kang Kwon-joo(played by Lee Ha-na), a skilled voice profiler, joins hands with Detective Moo Jin-hyuk(played by Jang Hyuk) to solve crimes and bring justice to victims. As they tackle various cases involving heinous crimes, they face a formidable adversary known as "The Devil's Voice." With suspenseful storytelling and thrilling action, "Voice" delves into the darkness of crime and the power  of those who fight to protect the innocent. The following seasons continue the thrilling saga, delving deeper into the character's lives and  fight against crime.

3. Penthouse

"Penthouse" is a popular Korean drama series that follows the intertwining lives of wealthy families in a luxurious apartment complex called Hera Palace. There are rich people with lots of secrets. Sim Su Ryeon (played by Lee Ji-ah) is born rich and is like the boss there. Cheon Seo Jin (Played by Kim So-yeon) is  focused on making her daughter happy. Oh Yoon Hee (Played by Eugene ) is from a not-so-rich family but wants to be the top person in the building, thinking it's the best success. They all fight to be the richest and most important in Seoul's fanciest place. The drama follows two more seasons which shows the desire of power, fame and position.

4. Alchemy Of Souls

Alchemy of Souls is a Korean drama set in the land of Daeho, Jang Uk( played by Lee Jae-wook), known for causing trouble . He encounters Mu-Deok(played by Jung So-min), a warrior trapped in a weak body, who becomes his servant and secretly teaches him to fight. Seo Yul(played by Hwang Min-hyun), a perfect nobleman with great looks and martial arts skills, and Go Won(played by Shin Seung-ho), the kind-hearted crown prince, are also part of the story. Three years later, Jang Uk hunts soul shifters, carrying an ice stone within him that grants rebirth. Amid  he meets Nak-su (played by Go Yoon Jung) who has lost her memories and divine powers. Their paths intertwine, leading to unexpected connections and a proposal of marriage.

5. Glory

A former high school student named Moon Dong-eun (played by Song Hye-Kyo), who once aspired to be an architect, faced bullying and dropped out. Now, as an adult and a teacher, she plans revenge against her bullies. After many years, the person who once bullied her gets married and has a child. When the child starts elementary school, Dong-Eun becomes her homeroom teacher and begins a plan against the bullies. Season 2 follows her revenge story against all the bullies to get herself justice. Other characters in the series are Lee Do-hyun as Joo Yeo-jeong, Lim Ji-yeon as Park Yeon-jin, Park Sung-hoon as Jeon Jae-joon and Jung Sung-il as Ha Do-yeong.

6. Welcome To Waikiki

"Welcome to Waikiki" is a Korean drama that follows three friends trying to run a failing guesthouse in Seoul. In the first series, the trio includes Joon-ki (played by Lee Yi-Kyung), Dong-gu (played by Kim Jung-hyun) and Doo-sik (played by Son Seung-won). Their lives turned upside down when they found an infant in the guest house. In the second series, Lee Joon-Ki(played by Lee Yi-Kyung), who is not famous, owns a guest house called Waikiki. The guest house is struggling financially and might go out of business. To save it, Joon-Ki asks his old high school buddies Cha Woo-Sik( played by Kim Seon-ho) and Kook Ki-Bong(played by Shin Hyun-soo) for help and convinces them to invest in the guest house. The show is a hilarious mix of their struggles, friendships, and comical mishaps.

7. Stranger

"Forest of Secrets," also known as "Stranger," is a gripping South Korean crime thriller TV series. In the first season, we follow Hwang Si-mok (played by Cho Seung-Woo), a skilled prosecutor with a unique condition of sound sensitivity. After surgery, he loses empathy and social skills. He teams up with Police Lieutenant Han Yeo-jin(played by Bae Doona) to solve a murder, uncovering a web of corruption involving the Prosecutor's  Office and a powerful conglomerate. The second season unfolds two years later, where they join forces for an independent investigation amidst a dispute between law enforcement agencies.

8. Uncanny Counter

"Counter" is a team fighting evil spirits, hiding as noodle restaurant workers. Mun(played by Jo Byeong-kyu), Mo-Tak(played by Yoo Jun-sang), Ha-Na(played by Kim Se-Jeong) and Mae-Ok(played by Yeom Hye-ran). Season 2, aired in 2023, was the extension of season 1, and in season 2 together,  they keep fighting evil spirits by introducing a new counter Na Jeok-Bong(played by Yoo In- Soo).

9. Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist" is a popular South Korean TV series about doctors, nurses, and patients at a hospital. It follows five friends: Lee Ik-jun (played by Jo Jung-suk), Ahn Jeong-won (played by Yoo Yeon-Seok), Kim Jun-wan (played by Jung Kyung-ho), Yang Seok-hyung (played by Kim Dae-myung) and Chae Song-hwa (played by Jeon Mi-do), who became doctors after attending the same medical school in 1999. Now, they work together at the same hospital, and the show shares their stories. The first season aired, from March 12 to May 28, 2020, becoming the ninth highest-rated Korean drama on TV. The second season that was aired,  from June 17 to September 16, 2021, breaking records with high viewership for its first episode.

10. Dr. Romantic

"Dr. Romantic" is a Korean medical drama that follows Dr. Kim Sa-bu, a skilled surgeon who becomes disillusioned with the healthcare system. In the first series, he mentors two young doctors, played by Han Suk-kyu (Dr. Kim), Yoo Yeon-Seok as Kang Dong-joo and Seo Hyun-jin as Yoon Seo-Jung. In the second series, Kim returns to mentor a new set of doctors, portrayed by Lee Sung-kyung as Cha Eun-jae and Ahn Hyo-seop as Seo Woo-jin. The third series features a different set of characters, with Lee Sung-kyung repeating her role with Ahn Hyo-seop as the lead doctor. In all seasons, we can see our doctors' hard work and dedication to save lives and learn valuable lessons from Dr.Kim.