Article: Top Ten Chinese Movies on Women Empowerment

In today’s world, where we talk about equality, moviemakers need to be more conscious about the roles they offer to women. It is high time that women in movies should be more than just a love interests. If you search for films on women empowerment, you will find female-centric movies, but they are not enough. We need more movies with women in the lead standing up for each other. As we speak of women’s empowerment and female-oriented films, here are the top 10 Chinese movies on women empowerment.

1.  I Am Not Madame Bovary (2016)

I am not Madame Bovary is a Feng Xiaogang-directed Chinese comedy movie released in 2016. The film is about a woman asking the Chinese legal system to give her justice. Her husband betrayed her, he made false promises and asked for a divorce in return, but after the divorce, he denied everything. It may sound like a serious plot, but it is a comedy movie following a woman’s journey

2.  Raise The Red Lantern (1991)

Raise the red lantern is a period film released in 1991, directed by Zhang Yimou. The movie is about a young girl forced to marry a rich man. The master already had three wives, and life in the palace was not as luxurious as she imagined. There is constant competition between all the wives for the master’s attention. She goes through all this misery and accepts this as her fate.

3. Begin, Again (2019)

Begin, Again is a 2019 movie directed by Peng Youlun. The movie shows the story of a woman who is 35 years old. She has been living in the city for ten years. She has been struggling to survive and find herself. She meets a younger woman and another younger colleague of hers and gets inspired by them to change her life.

4. Angel (1987)

Angel is a 1987 Chinese movie directed by Teresa Woo. The movie is about a group called Angel, who fights off the criminal. It has drawn inspiration from the movie Charlie’s Angel. There are three members in the group, one is a man, and the other two are girls, and together they have to fight a drug smuggling group. This group’s leader is a woman who is also a Kung fu master. There are some badass women in the film.

5. Sister (2021)

Sister is a 2021 Yin Ruxio-directed Chinese movie. Sister is a heartwarming story of a sister and a brother. A young woman distant from her family got forced to take care of her younger brother when their parents died in an accident. An Ran is a nurse and doesn’t want to sacrifice her career for someone. So she decides to give her brother up for adoption. The growing bond between siblings makes An Ran a little softer.

6. The Joy Luck Club (1993)

The Joy Luck Club is a 1993 film directed by Wayne wang. The movie is about a club formed by four Chinese immigrant women who come and enjoy their time with each other and tell stories. Later their daughters also joined the club. Over time all the mother-daughters tried to resolve their issues and bond with each other.

7. Women Side By Side (1949)

Women side by side is a 1949 movie directed by Chen Liting. This movie is considered a classic Chinese movie. The movie follows the story of three women and their hardships during the war. The movie shows them struggling and fighting through all the odds, and it shows how women were used to being treated and how they were not allowed to voice their opinions. In the end, all three overcome their struggles and hardships.

8. Hero (2002)

Hero is Zhang Yimou-directed film that came out in 2002. Hero is a story about a nameless officer and his journey of killing three assassins. The movie was not a woman-led film, but two actresses in the movie had important and fierce roles to play. Both the women in the film performed their parts beautifully

9. Hi, Mom (2021)

Hi, mom is a 2021 Chinese movie directed by Jia Ling. This movie beautifully captures family love and motherly love. The story is about the relationship between a mother and a daughter. The daughter travels back in time to become friends with her mother. So, she can help her mother have a better life than she didn’t have the first time.

10. Lost In Beijing (2007)

Lost in Beijing is a 2007 Yu Li-directed film. The story is about a couple who have moved to Beijing for a better life. Liu is a recently married young woman and Came to Beijing with her husband. She took a job in a massage parlor, and her husband took a job as a window cleaner. When her sleazy boss rapes her, her helpless husband watches and later exploited by both of them.