Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas Released In August 2022

China produces more television dramas than any other country, and the most popular genre is fantasy romance. Chinese drama industry is gaining popularity for its storytelling, cinematography, and artistry, which has fascinated viewers. China is on the way to becoming a global entertainment powerhouse, churning out high-quality series.

In the series, we always see the talent and the exploration of the Asian country. Each story and character take us on a different adventure that has ended up capturing the public. Like every month, August has also brought us new releases of C-Dramas to binge-watch. Here is a list of ten C-Dramas that premiered in August.

1. My Way

My Way is a Chinese series that premiered on August 1, 2022, and the series deals with thriller, romance, and family. The story is about how the suicide of their best friend affects the lives of four mothers as they search for the truth about the suicide. This incident shatters their lives, and they go through unexpected situations that arise. The four bravely face twists and turns together to reveal the truth about the death of Cheng Ru Ying.

2. Feng Jie Xian

Fen Jie Xian is a Chinese crime drama premiered on August 1, 2022. The series is from the novel Fan Zui Xian Yi Ren by Pan Jun. The story is about how a water delivery man and a policeman go from acquaintances to friends. They get to know each other from the pawn shop robbery case, and this case leads to corruption and drug trafficking case.

3. My Honey

My Honey is a C-Drama that premiered on August 2, 2022, and is a campus romance genre. The series is about Su Zi Ying, a college student with a phobia of close contact, who accidentally meets Ye Jun Cheng, a college junior who does not understand what is happening. They both form an unlikely connection that slowly blossoms into something more. Watch the drama to see if they overcome their fear and differences and get together.

4. Checkmate

Checkmate is a Chinese drama that premiered on August  10, 2022, and is a thriller, historical, and mystery genre. The story is about Si Tu Yan, a young lawyer from Peking who gets dismissed from his post for sticking to his principles. On the way to Harbin, he befriends a wealthy and honest Luo Shao Chuan. They solve a few cases together and become the most sought-after detective.

5. Being A Hero

Being a Hero is a Chinese crime and detective drama, and the series premiered on August 11, 2022. The story surrounds two friends and two forces, narcotics police and drug dealers, as they all engage in fierce life-and-death struggles. Five years before the show begins, Wu Gang gets killed by a drug trafficking organization named K, and his son Wu Zhen Feng gets expelled from the police force. He boards the bus to the border while his best friend Chen Yu chases him, and they almost get kidnapped. Wu Zhen Feng, when saving his friend, gets brought away by drug traffickers. They lose contact with each other, and when the two meet again, Chen Yu is a narcotics policeman, and Wu Zhen Feng is a famed murder suspect. Watch the drama to see what happens to them and how the case gets resolved.

6. Aim The Heart! Archeress

Aim the Heart! Archeress is a Chinese sports drama that premiered on August 2, 2022. The story revolves around Han Ruo Fei, a former star who joins the archery team as a student under the order of the company to reinvent himself as a sportsman and becomes Cai Jin Ye’s disciple. They disliked each other from the start and fought over small things creating problems for each other. During their time together over a while, they start to get closer. This series is a recommendation for people who like watching youth and school romance.

7. Scent Of Love

The Scent of Love is a historical Chinese drama that premiered on August 11, 2022, and it is adapted from the novel Wen Xiang Xie by Hai De Wendu. The story revolves around Wan Niang, a demoness that runs an incense store and has one goal in her life to gather six scents that combined can bestow the owner with remarkable powers. She has collected all smells, but an essential scent is left, and that is in a man named Fang Mo. She constantly of his lifetime tries to obtain his scent she fails, and in his latest incarnation, he is a different- gentle, innocent, and caring soul. Wang Niang tries to trick him, and while doing, they start falling for each other.

8. The Rainbow In Our Memory

The Rainbow In Our Memory is a Chinese drama premiered on August 16, 2022. The story is about a pair of childhood friends, Chen Mu Guang and Shi Fan Tuan, who roast and support each other throughout their youth. Chen Mu Guang has led a difficult life, yet remains an honest man and may seem cold on the outside, but he is sensitive and affectionate. Shi Fan Tuan is a natural ditz, and their contrasting personalities growing up together leads to misunderstandings.

9. Chasing The Undercurrent

Chasing the Undercurrent is a Chinese action and crime drama that premiered on August 25, 2022. The plot revolves around Chang Zheng, a criminal police officer who had become a wanted criminal after being tangled in the death of Zhao Peng Cheng while investigating a shooting case in Changwu. Chang Zheng gets help from a secret investigation team dispatched by the Ministry of Public Security to investigate the truth. He faces confrontation from his loved ones, to which he discards his affection and chooses justice.

10. Nobody Knows

It is a Chinese drama released on August 8, 2022. The story is about how a 17-year-old girl gets murdered in 2003, and after ten years, a similar case occurs, and the prime suspect is already dead. Dust-covered sins were caught off the shield and broke into the reality of life, revealing a youthful past buried among five boys and girls. The piles of incidents collude with the complexity of human nature. Watch the series to know what is the truth behind these unresolved cases and for the plot twists.