Article: Top 10 Korean 90’s Celebrties Who Are Still In Trend

Most popular Korean celebrities who are in direction and have more of a fan base are young people. For a twist, even some of the 90s celebrities are still in trend. You would already know these celebrities if you have watched several Korean dramas and Korean variety shows. These celebrities have their fan base. These actors and actresses have become famous for acting in specific roles or being cast member in certain shows.

1. Seo Jang-Hoon

Seo Jang-Hoon is a former professional basketball player. He is currently active as an entertainer and variety show star. He made his debut as a basketball player in the Korean basketball league in 1998. After his retirement, he took the role of entertainer and variety show star. He has appeared in many shows, including running mam, return of superman, as a guest, and regular member in shows, including Men on a Mission, the dynamic duo. He has received many awards, like entertainer of the year 2021 and popularity awards. Seo Jang-hoon's net worth for the year 2022 is 30.9 million won.

2. Cheon Ho-Jin

Chun Ho-jin is an actor who made his acting debut in the 1986 Film Street of desire. He began his career in 1983 after being selected by the Munhwa broadcasting company. He has appeared in many dramas and films. He has won many awards. He has played supporting roles in the drama, including beyond evil and love in the moonlight.

3. Kim Jook-Kook

Kim Jook-kook is 46 old Korean who debuted as a member of the dance-oriented group turbo in 1995. He is a singer, entertainer, and actor. After the group's disbandment, he started his career as a solo artist in 2001. He is considered one of the best muscular bodies in k-pop. He is one of the members of the SBS variety show running man. He had given names like Fierce Tiger and the commander. This show is the crucial reason for his popularity till now.

4. Yoo Jae-Suk

Yoo Jae-suk is a comedian, host, and television personality. He has hosted various television shows like infinity challenge, happy together, and running man. He has been the most famous comedian for five consecutive years since 2004. He debuted at the KBS comedian festival in 1991. He was known as the “MC of the nation.” He is one of the highest-paid personalities in Korea.

5. Kang Ho-Dong

Kang Ho-Dong is a 52 old television host and a comedian. He started his career as a traditional Korean wrestler. After retiring from wrestling, he started his career as a host and comedian in 1993. He is well known for his television show Men on a Mission. He has won lots of awards both as a wrestler and also as a host. He also made a cameo role in television series like Hotel, listen to love.

6. Kim Mi-Kyung

This 57 old actress started her career in 1985. She is famous for the mother role. She has been on mother for top Korean actresses like Park Min-young, Park Shin-Hyn, Kim Tae-Hee, and Song Ji-kyo. She has played in many popular dramas like heirs, her private life, and many more. She has won several awards as the best supporting actor.

7. Sung Dong-Il

Sung Dong ill has been active in the industry since the early 1990’s he has played many supporting characters like father and even as a villain. He made his debut in 1987 in theatres. Then  in 1991 he entered SBS open talent audition. He has won many awards like the best popular star award and the best supporting actor.

8. Kim Won-Hae

Kim Won-Hae made his acting debut in the 1998 film "spring in my hometown.” He has appeared in many popular movies and television as a supporting actor. The television series includes Run On, Start-up, and Hotel Del Luna. And films including come back home, no mercy. He has won the best supporting actor in KBS award for the series are you human, the ghost detective.

9. Yoon Yoo-Sun

Yun Yu-Seon made her debut as a child actress in 1975. She continues to be active in film and television drama. She has appeared in several movies and countless dramas, including Tomorrow, Live On, Imitation, and Just between lovers. She also appeared in films like a way station, my son. She has won the best new actress (TV) in the 25th Baeksang Arts Awards for the television series crash landing on you.

10. Kim Sun Young

Kim Sun Young is 46-year-old actress who started her career as a theatre actor. Her first film was She's on duty in 2005. And her first television series was Hotel King in 2014. She has performed in various popular dramas, including crash landing on you, vagabond, and her private life. She won the best supporting-actress television awards for the drama crash landing on you and the best supporting-actress film for the film Three Sister in Baeksang Arts Awards.