Article: Top Ten Most Respected Celebrities In South Korea

The entertainment industry is not an easy job to handle. Talented stars have to work hard to get their fame and recognition. Some fail to maintain the image, while some break the expectations. Contributions made by these celebrities to the entertainment world are admirable and respectable. They are the people’s pride and possess immense power in the industry. The celebrities mentioned below are some of the most respected stars in South Korea:

1. Yoo Jae Suk

South Korean comedian, host, and TV personality Yoo Jae Suk is one of the biggest celebrities not only in his country but worldwide. He had a lot of hardships at the beginning of his career, but his “never give up” attitude gained him a lot of followers. He is known for his quick wit and honest personality. He has a streak of 18 continuous Daesangs from the MBC Entertainment Awards.

2. Son Heung Min

Sonh Heung Min is a professional footballer. He plays as a forward for Premiere League Club Tottenham Hotspur and is the captain of the South Korean National team. He is well-known as one of the greatest Asian footballers of all time. He is also among the top three Asian players in European football history.

3. Hyun Bin

Actor Hyun Bin is one the most influential and highest paid in South Korea. He is often talked about with admiration and respect. He became the Nation’s crush after his roles in Secret Garden, Crash Landing On You, etc. He won many prestigious awards for his excellent acting, including Baeksang Arts Awards, Grand Prize for TV, etc.

4. Zo In Sung

41-year-old Zo In Sung is a well-known South Korean actor. He gained popularity through his lead actor roles in Happened in Bali, Spring Day, That Winter The Wind Blows, and It’s Okay That’s Love. He is a celebrity among celebrities and an ideal type for many women.

5. Ryu HyunJin

Ryu Hyunjin became well-known as the “Korean Monster” as he was the first Korean pitcher to win the Warren Spahn award for being the best left-hand pitcher in Major League Baseball. He is a professional baseball pitcher and plays for the Toronto Blues, Los Angeles Dodgers, and KBO League. The player has a net worth of $35 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.

6. Kang Hodong

Kang Hodong was one of the top Korean Wrestlers. Now he is well-known as a television host and comedian. He was the first comedian to receive the Baeksang Arts Awards Daesang. He is regarded as one of the top MCs in South Korea, alongside Yoo Jae Suk.

7. IU

South Korean singer-songwriter and actress IU is one of the most beloved celebrities. She is popularly known as the Nation’s little sister. She made amazing contributions both in the music and the acting industry. Billboard recognizes her as the leading all-time Kpop singer with the most number one songs.

8. Kim Yuna

31-year-old Kim Yuna is a retired South Korean figure skater. She is known as the perfect skater worldwide by figure skating experts. Her spirals and spins are graded level four which is an incredibly fantastic score. She won the Grand Prix Final champion, Junior Grand Prix Final champion, South Korean national champion, etc.

9. BTS

Bangtan Boys, or BTS, is a well-known Kpop group worldwide. They have followers among celebrities too. They partnered with UNICEF to spread the message of the Love Myself anti-violence campaign and gave speeches and performances in the United Nations. We can tell their influence is massive.

10. Blackpink

Blackpink is the biggest and one of the most influential girl groups in South Korea. They entered the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart with their debut songs, Whistle and Boombayah. They are well-known as the biggest girl group in the world. Their member Lisa recently made history by being the only Kpop artist in history to win solo in the VMAs.