Article: Top 10 Chinese Drama where Females Do Not Take Lead

The world has got accustomed to seeing a balanced cast with male and female protagonists both playing their parts to deliver a plot. However, quite a few works of art are made in such an enticing manner that even a single lead is enough to drive away all the fervour in their favour and deliver the best performances of all time.

So here we are, to break the established conventions, and provide you all with a list of top 10 Chinese drama series where only the male lead was enough to web the most intriguing climax and deliver some of the best performances of all time.

1. Decoded

The thriller, the mysterious drama features an autistic genius who has a profound love for mathematics, Rong Jin Zhen. He got an opportunity to work at the government's decoding system. It is an organization that protects precious data and information from spies who intend to create havoc. With an amazing and unique storyline, it attracts many viewers.

2. Take Your Mark

The story revolves around mending broken friendships and a passion for swimming. The two best friends share their common love for swimming and come across a dilemma where they had to compete. When they meet again after a gap of two years, one of them gave up his passion. It is a feel-good series filled with overwhelming emotions.

3. The Bad Kids

It is a murder mystery where three kids accidentally record a murder scene that gets complicated over time. As the investigation continues, it starts unfolding new secrets and suspects and opens other buried mysteries of their families' pasts.

4. Evil Minds

It is another psychological thriller crime drama dealing with an intelligent guy and his cop friend who uses his knowledge as an advantage to solve crimes. The story is a blend of intriguing twists and humourful scenes.

5. Day And Night

The story involves the terrifying murder of a family for which Guan Hong Yu is accused. Later, to investigate the case, Zhou Xun is appointed. He has a consultant with a dark secret involving his fears, so his twin brother helps him out by making appearances at night, and they all work to discover the truth behind the murder case.

6. Sniper

The series is set in the Republican era and is full of action scenes with the compelling backstories of two snipers. The story highlights strong beliefs, friendships, and work ethics. The spring of 1949 changed everything when the two of them were appointed to a secret crime case for opposite reasons since they were not on the same side. Vows were broken and friendships were affected in the past, which is what shapes this story into a legend.

7. The Blood Of Youth

The story revolves around Lei Wu Jie, a newbie in the martial arts. On his way to Xue Yue, he gets into an accident at Villa of Fallen Snow, where he meets several others who help accompany him. It is an interesting and engaging drama that follows an unsettling battle for the throne, and leadership capabilities all narrow down to the clues they find on their way.

8. Medical Examiner Dr. Qin

It is a detective series where Qin Ming's assistant resigns because of his uncanny behaviour and temper. The story focuses on his work life and team-leading skills with his tremendous knack for solving crimes and mysteries and discovering secrets with his friend Lin Tao and his new assistant.

9. Ordinary Glory

The series deals with the corporate world and the rat race of life in Shanghai. Wu Ke Zhi is new to the financial sector and without prior experience in dealing with his bosses and workloads, he is just making through when he is assigned an intern Sun Yi Qui who is here to stay and make name. It highlights the complications and risks involved in his journey and a strong bond between an intern and his superior.

10. Nirvana In Fire

This historical fantasy drama is a must-watch. It highlights the themes of loyalty and integrity with amazing cinematography. The storyline is based on the revenge of Lin Shu, an intelligent strategist from his family who seeks justice for the war between northern and southern dynasties.