Article: Ten Chinese Flops That Deserve To Be Successful

China is the second-biggest movie market after America. The Chinese cinema comprises Hong Kong Cinema, Taiwanese Cinema, and the cinema Mainland China. Currently, the majority of movies from mainland China are produced in Mandarin. Then too, the Chinese Movie market has been one of the most unpredictable ones where some of the biggest Budget Films flopped at the Box Office. We bring you the list of Chinese movies that fell hard at the Box Office but could have been successful.

1. Shushan Biography

The movie is inspired by the novel 'Swordsman of Shushan' by Li Shoumin who is known for his fabulous martial art novels. The fairytale-like movie was made with eighty million Yuan. Filled with overwhelming visual wonders. Amid the appealing visual effects, the story seems a little unclear, and mixed with multiple factors the film only gathered thirty million at the box office.


2. Reign Of Assassins

This 2010 movie directed by Chao Bin Su also known as Reign of Assassin, tells the story of a female assassin who tries to return to normal life after being counseled by a monk. Many fans regard this movie as one of the best martial arts movies of all time. The movie was only able to gather eighty million at the box office when eighty-five million was invested.


3. The Blade

This 1995 Martial Arts film was directed by Tsui Hark. This is called one of the least appreciated films by Tsui Hark but a masterpiece. The film is popular for its unique style, impressive close-ups, fabulous camera work during fight scenes, etc. The film came out at a time when the audience got tired of this genre.


4. Heavenly Sword And Dragon Slaying Sabre

Another martial arts movie on the list had fifty million invested but couldn't earn more than ten million. This has been more than just a popular commercial film in Hong Kong. The movie even had a sequel plan with the same actor which however was shelved later. Later, in the 2022 Spring Festival, the sequel was finally released with a different cast.


5. Hero

Chen Zhen, played by Jet Li who studied in Japan, now returns to China to avenge his teacher. The story delivers the tough times in the Chinese Republic. An amazing blend of art and action. The movie also portrays the romance between Zhen and his Japanese Girlfriend. The movie was at a loss of twenty-five million.


6. Evil In The East And Poison In The West

A multi-angel love story with martial arts also known as 'Ashes of Time'. Directed by Wong Kar Wai, the movie is based on the novel 'The Legend of the Condor Heroes by Jin Young. The story is based on a modern dystopian impression. It is one of the most underappreciated works of Wong Kar Wai.


7. Green Snake

This 1993 film is directed by legendary Tsui Hark. The movie is an adaptation of a novel by Lilian Lee titled 'Green Snake' which was based on Chinese folklore of 'The Legend of White Snake'. Indian Actresses Sridevi and Nangma also made an appearance in this film from the side.


8. Asura

The Chinese version of Lord of the Rings is among the most expensive movies in China of all time. The film is based on ancient Tibetan mythology. It was made with a total investment of 110 million dollars but was pulled from theatres within a few days. The 2018 movie was directed by stunt coordinator Peng Zhang.


9. Genghis Khan

The Film got an investment of 100 million Yuan but didn't even earn 40 million Yuan at the Box office. Chan Wai Ting can be seen in the lead role of Genghis Khan. The movie was criticized for poor editing and stock characterization.


10. A Better Tomorrow

This movie was also at a 40 million Yuan Loss. The movie is based on a Classic by John Wu Titled 'A Better Tomorrow'. The story is about a former smuggler who tries to change and start his life again and goes on to correct his relationship with his brother. A great action movie to watch.