Article: Top 10 Thai Movies That Will Make You Cry

Movies not only provide amusement, but they also help viewers control a variety of emotions. Individuals feel a little better after watching a sad movie because they can discern between what is happening in the movie and what is actually happening in their own lives. Thailand's film concepts are highly unique, frequently hitting audiences with a variety of waves and levels of emotions. Each film has a plethora of layers to portray, including bits and pieces of comedy, tragedy, tears, and messages. So grab your tissues and check out our list of the top 10 Thai films that will make you cry while also providing you with a unique perspective.

1. My Girl (Fan Chan), 2003

When Jeab learns that Noi-Naa, his childhood sweetheart, is about to get married, he returns to his native village. As he does so, memories of his boyhood in Thailand in the 1980s flood back. We see the actors go through the trials of youthful bonding, bullying, and puppy infatuation throughout the movie. Fan Chan brings traditional childhood innocence and love to life and presents a nostalgic plot that reminds you of a sentimental wish to return to a former age of unchangeable conditions.


2. Timeline (I), 2014

Mat, a single mother obliged to raise her son Tan after being widowed early in her marriage, enlists the support of Watt, who has been in love with her for a long time, to run her household. Tan is supposed to follow in his father's footsteps, but he prefers to be away from his mother's world. When he meets June, a free spirit, his aspirations appear to be coming true. June soothes Tan throughout and aids him in reconciling with his mother. This film has the right balance of family melodrama and romance, and it's relatable.


3. Love Of Siam (Rak Haeng Siam), 2007

Love of Siam is a film about two high school lads. Tong, one of the boys, soon relocates with his family to another city. After years of being perplexed and dealing with life's challenges, the two lads cross paths again, this time with some complicated feelings. When it initially came out, this film was a game-changer in Thailand, as it was the first to introduce the LGBTQ+ romance genre. It depicts the difficulty of accepting oneself, one's identity, opening out to friends and family, and, finally, accepting one's actual feelings.


4. The Letter (Jod Mai Rak), 2004

The Letter is a film that has the perfect balance of romantic and intense emotional passages. It's about Dew and Ton, who meet in Chiang Mai and communicate via phone calls. They subsequently decide to marry and live happily ever after, until Ton succumbs to a brain tumor. Following this, Dew begins to get love letters from her spouse before his death. This is the film to see if you've been looking for your soulmate to love until the end of your days. It's dramatic, emotional, and depressing at times, but at the end of the film, your heart will be warmed.


5. Classic Again (2020)

Classic Again by Thatchaphong Suphasri is a movie that follows the story of a young woman’s love triangle. Her son's love story coincidentally follows the same moments as that of her mother, depicting all the ups and downs when you let your heart lead. This dramatic love story showcases how history repeats itself with many hearts at stake and follows the lead on their journey and tug between love and friendship.


6. One For The Road (2021)

Boss, a high-end club owner living in New York, receives a call from his friend in Thailand, Aood, revealing that he is in the last stages of terminal cancer. It's a drama film directed by Nattawut Poonpiriya and produced by Wong Kar-wai in which this duo goes on an adventure in an attempt to seek forgiveness from the people he wronged in the past. It showcases an emotional moment of morality and seeking peace before leaving the world.


7. Home (2012 film)

This Thai drama film is directed by Chookiat Sakveerakul and produced by  Sahamongkolfilm International. The film, which takes place in Chiang Mai, is divided into three parts, each concentrating on a group of characters whose links are revealed in the third part. According to Chookiat, there is something different about this project, and it's unlike any of their past works. It is also a personal film based on the memories of the director, which gives an emotional touch to the entire plot.


8. Back To The ’90s (2015)

Kong, an only kid, frequently witnesses his mother and father quarrel. Kong returned to the 1990s in this emotional environment to meet his father when he was a child. He saw his mother and father's affection and stepped in to aid when his father was displeased with his mother. He inadvertently falls in love with a girl who, in turn, falls in love with his father. The time travel segment throws us on a rollercoaster of emotions.


9. The Teacher's Diary, (2014)

This Thai drama film is a story of an unemployed male instructor who gets a position as a teacher in a rural school based on a rickety houseboat. He uncovers a diary written by the previous teacher, a lady who had been expelled from the school for declining to have her tattoo removed. He develops feelings for the author and makes notes in her diary. When he departs and she comes back, she reads his messages and develops a mutual appreciation. The story depicts how love may prevail through thoughts and words.


10. One Day

A woman has an uncommon form of transient amnesia that lasts for one day. Her timid coworker, who's really smitten with her, claims that they are in a relationship so that she would spend one day with him. It has such a melancholy finish, narrating the story of love that is beyond our grasp, that you will undoubtedly cry while watching it.