Article: 10 Japanese Movies Based On Parallel Worlds

Parallel worlds are a concept that is quite popular in sci-fi and fantasy fiction. A parallel universe generally is a concept where reality or a universe like ours exists side by side. If you have recently seen Marvel movies, you must know about the multiverses and alternate universes. Many Japanese movies have blended various themes with the concept of a parallel world. The idea of an alternative reality is intriguing and exciting and still new. That makes the movie creators love exploring these themes. Here are 10 Japanese movies you can watch that involve parallel worlds.

1. Paprika (2006)

The story is built around a device called DC Mini, which allows therapists to enter the dreams of their patients. The protagonist, Dr. Atsuko Chiba, uses her alter ego called, Paprika, to travel through different dreamscapes to find the mystery behind the device and stop its misuse. The use of concepts of various dimensions and parallel worlds is captivating. Paprika is a trip you will not regret going on. It is an eye-opening, mind-bending psychological thriller film.

2. My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday -+(2016)

Tomorrow I Will Date with Yesterday’s You or My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday is a romantic drama about a college student who falls in love with a girl suffering from a terminal illness. While the film focuses on romance and time travel, there are many instances in between where the alternate reality is created by the actions of the characters.

3. To Me, The One Who Loved You

To All of You That I Loved and To the Only One Who Loved You, Me are two related movies. They were both released on the same day. It depended on the viewers in which sequence they watched it. The film tackles multiverses. The use of parallel worlds theme is stunning. The stories of the two movies are about a young boy, Koyomi Takasaki, and the different paths he chooses throughout the film. It is surprising to see that even a small decision can bring a drastic change to the world around us.

4. Your Name (2016)

Your Name is a romantic fantasy film where two teenagers swap bodies with each other despite knowing nothing about each other. Both are in some way able to communicate through time and space. The movie delves into the themes of parallel universes and love, connection, and faith. Even though the story is beautifully showcased, the viewers may find some scenes confusing. Your Name received many praises from critics and audiences and became one of the highest-grossing films Japan has ever produced.

5. NiNoKuni (2019)

NiNoKuni is an adaptation of a Japanese video game of the same name. High school friends Yuu and Haru travel from their real world to parallel universes. They face several challenges and people while traveling. If you know about Studio Ghibli Production, you will find many visual effects and elements somewhat familiar. The animation is noteworthy; however, the plot is a bit slow. It is a one-time watch that you can see on Netflix.

6. Parallel World Love Story (2019)

Takashi Tsuruga and Tomohiko Miwa are college friends who start a company that deals with research on the human brain. Mayuko Tsuno is the girlfriend of Tomohiko. One day, Takashi wakes up in a world where he is surprised to see Mayuko being her girlfriend rather than Tomohiko. Parallel World Love Story is an adaptation of a novel by Keigo Higashino. This adaptation was loose in many places. But, the actors in the lead did a good job. It is a bit difficult to understand the concept if you directly see the film without reading the book.

7. Bleach (2018)

Bleach is the adaptation of an eight seasons-long anime of the same name. You can watch this live-action drama if you want to know the story in short, but it is not as good and detailed as the anime. A teenager has some special powers of seeing ghosts. He travels through the afterlife, fights with evil spirits, and protects lost souls. One viewer on Rotten Tomatoes said that Bleach is like a dope, violent Japanese version of the Harry Potter series, and it is somewhat an agreeable point. It is not a memorable work, but if you want to give it a try, then it is available on Netflix

8. Tag (2015)

This is a Japanese action horror where a high school girl finds herself in alternate realities. It is a horror with lots of blood and carnage. The movie has good storytelling. A blend of horror with a parallel world is a new experiment. The Tag has an approval of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie was directed by Sion Sono, and the running time is 85 minutes. The viewers gave mixed reviews, however, the gory scenes received praise. If you want to watch something in the horror genre, then you can go for Tag.

9. The Chasing World (2008)

The movie revolves around a teenager who gets transported to a parallel world. The catch here is that the government is chasing down everyone who shares the same family name as the teenager. It is a horror mystery. The Chasing World is an adaptation of the novel, "Riaru Onigokko." It is a straightforward drama with nothing too complicated. The running time is 98 minutes.

10. The Place Promised In Our Early Days (2004)

The Place Promised in Our Early Days takes place in an alternate history where the Soviet Union occupied half of Japan. Three friends, Hiroki, Takuya, and Sayuri, living in different parts of the country, try to find the secrets behind a tower. This critically acclaimed film has a breathtaking story and visuals. The fight scenes are also impressive. Overall, it is a good movie with a compelling storyline. You can watch The Place Promised in Our Early Days on Netflix.