Anime Review: Shachibato! President, It’s Time For Battle




Anime Digest

Many years ago, a goddess ascended from Heaven and blessed the arid land of Gatepia. As a result, gigantic gates appeared, leading to dungeons brimming with “kirakuri,” crystals containing the energy needed to build the world. Several adventurer companies were founded as a result to collect kirakuri from the dungeons.

The Feel-Good Part

The art style is quite colorful. That, and the sound, is pretty good. There’s nothing wrong with any of those two things, but it’s one of the few positive aspects of this show that doesn’t make it sound uninteresting.

The Disappointing Factor

The plot revolves around the club’s employment of an unknown new president, and we’ll just have to wait and see how well he performs. Isn’t it straightforward? It’s not that it’s bad; it’s just that, in my perspective, it’s not done nicely and interestingly. This could be owing to our characters’ dull characteristics. Some of the cast members attract attention because of their personalities, yet because of the show’s brevity, they can also come across as boring or repetitive.

In-Depth Analysis

Several years ago, a goddess descended from Heaven and blessed the isolated continent of Gatepia. As a result, gigantic gates opened, leading to dungeons full of “kirakuri,” crystals that store the energy needed to build the planet. As a result, various adventurer firms arose to harvest kirakuri from the dungeons.  Minato is persuaded by his childhood friend Yutoria to take over his father’s treasure-hunting enterprise, the Kibou Company when his father goes missing inside one of Gatepia’s largest gates. He feels compelled and gathers the other employees: Makoto, Akari, and the accountant, Guide. As a result, President Minato assumes the presidency. He and his comrades will unravel the mystery surrounding their former leader’s untimely departure as they try to perform numerous assignments and other activities to keep their little organization afloat.

Star Power

The characters, on the other hand, are not as awful as the plot. Minato, the protagonist of the series, is recruited by a friend to become the president of the Hope Company and to lead the company’s adventurers. He has no desire to accomplish this because all he cares about is the girl who encourages him to join the company and become its president. Another reason he does not want to be president of the company is that he does not have a high degree of education. But, you have a male protagonist who is supposed to be the president, the man who makes the series exciting and the reason people watch it; however, even minor characters are more engaging than the male protagonist, President Minato.

Overall Opinion

In the end, this anime is nothing more than a cash grab. However, there is only one positive aspect to this series, and that is the animation, which is quite good.