Drama Review: Risou No Kareshi






Drama Digest

Risou No Kareshi is a Japanese mini-drama aired on TBS TV from June 2022 to July 2022. The alternate title of the drama is Ideal Boyfriend. The plotline of the drama tells the story of Onodera Yumeko, who is a competent career woman working as an employee in a venture company. She leads a rather sloppy personal life. She anticipates a marriage proposal from her boyfriend but gets shocked when instead of getting proposed, she gets dumped by her boyfriend.  While heartbroken from her sudden breakup, Onodera Yumeko’s life turns upside down when she meets a man who resembles her first love.

The Feel-Good Part

The storyline is very engaging and will surely cater to the audience who are into the romance genre. The drama’s music is good, and the background scores go well with the scenes. The actors did a pretty good job in portraying their roles as assigned.

The Disappointing Factor

At some point in the drama, the plot gets a little messy.

In-Depth Analysis

Risou No Kareshi revolves around the female lead character, Onodera Yumeko, who still thinks about her first love as her ideal type. She is portrayed as a character who is clumsy in love and lives carelessly though she is a diligent professional. She gets betrayed by her junior at work while being dumped by her boyfriend. Nothing seems to go smoothly for Yumeko. Her life goes on a rollercoaster journey when she meets a mysterious man who shares an uncanny resemblance to her first love.

Star Performance

The drama has only one leading role, which is Onodera Yumeko who is played by Japanese actress Omasa Aya. The supporting cast of the drama includes Sato Taiki, who plays the role of Jinguji Nozomu. Hori Miona plays the role of Miki Aoi, Komiya Rio plays the role of Komatsubara Toma, Hosada Yoshihiko plays the role of Mizukami Ryu, Ikushima Yuki plays the role of Sawamura Ichita, Seto Saori plays the role of Ezaki Tomomi, Otani Rinka plays the role of Oshima Sayumi, Suda Aki plays the role of the young Onodera Yumeko, Hayase Ai plays the role of Hattori Miyu, Takahashi Rin plays the role of Okamoto Ayaka, Kosse Koichi plays the role of Yuki Daichi, and Ogasawara Kai plays the role of Takeda Takashi. The drama also has a guest appearances by actors such as Miyase Ryubi, Ito Asahi, Sota Ryosuke, Riko, and Hashimoto Satoshi.

Overall Opinion

Overall, Risou No Kareshi is a decent drama with good acting and storyline. Being a mini-drama, you can give it a watch if you are running short on time. Moreover, the soundtrack of this drama is the cherry on top.