Article: Top 10 Thai Movies With The Highest Rate Of Return

Sometimes a movie can unexpectedly make it to the top for no specific reason. Just like a much-awaited blockbuster hit can plummet in ratings, a simple movie with a simple plot can become a box office hit. This mostly has to do with the casting of such movies and promotional strategies. It also has to do with the effort put into making a movie with painstakingly accurate details. Check out these Top 10 Thai Movies With The Highest Rate Of Return and reaffirm the same.

1. Pee Mak

Pee Mak is a Thai comedy-horror that gives the tale of Mae Nak Phra Khanong a comical twist. This movie had an initial budget of 1.8 million USD, but no one ever expected this film to have such a successful audience reaction. It earned 30 times its budget in the box office.


2. Deep

Deep is a psychological thriller that was the brainchild of several students at Bangkok University. This film ended up being released as a Netflix original story, and despite its small budget, managed to garner international attention and earned a lot.


3. The Legend Of Suriyothai

The Legend of Suriyothai is a historical Thai fictional film that tells the tale of a brave and courageous Queen that stood against the Burmese armada in order to save her people and king from their onslaught. This film had a budget of $11 million and was dubbed the most expensive movie of its time but received $14 million in return which made up for the outrageous costs.


4. 9 Satra: The Legend Of Muay Thai

This sensational Thai animated flick was dubbed Film of the Year at the esteemed Nine Entertain Awards. Following a young boy who learns Muay Thai in order to vanquish the cruel dictator prince Dehayaksa. This film earned 52.6 million baht locally while international earnings were a whopping 100 million baht.


5. Low Season

This adorable rom-com starring Thai actor Mario Maurer follows the tale of a girl who has been broken up with because of her uncanny ability to see ghosts, and moves to a resort to relax, perhaps finding love on the way. Low Season was a hit at the box office with fans thronging to find out what happens next.


6. Bad Genius

This film was such a mega-wide hit with its awesome plotline and brilliant settings that it received accolades internationally and even earned about $30 million in the Chinese box office, besides becoming the biggest grossing film in its era.


7. Friendzone

Friendzone is a simple and heartfelt romance about two best friends bordering on the edge of something more. This film received a surprising amount of praise and revenue internationally and locally. The Thai box office recorded 12 million USD in returns.


8. The Protector

This revered Thai cult classic starring Tony Jaa as the main lead was such an immense hit that it was remade in countries like Russia, Germany, US, Spain and India. This film received a return of 12 million USD, which was extremely high during that time.


9. I Fine....Thank you, Love you

I Fine..Thank you, Love you is the story of a man who decides to learn English in order to win back his foreign girlfriend who moved back to the US and meets a headstrong teacher who he falls in love with instead. This film was so celebrated that it even had an Indonesian remake.


10. Ong Bak

Ong Bak is another celebrated hit film that features professional martial artist Tony Jaa as the hero. This film started out with a meagre budget of 1.1 million THD. After a tremendous audience reaction however, it ended up earning 20.1 million THD.