Article: Top 10 Thai Shows With Extremely Nice Wedding Scenes!

And they lived happily ever after! We all love a happy ending after a long story filled with struggles, tension, and strife. Whether it is a story about unrequited love or a slow burn, or maybe even a fake marriage that turns real, we all wait eagerly to watch the legendary wedding scene and perhaps take pointers for our own. We have your back, and this list of Top 10 Thai Shows With Extremely Nice Wedding Scenes will transport you to a different setting, one that will have you sighing out the words "I do!".

1. 2gether: The Series

2gether: The Series is one of Thailand's defining BL romances that won the hearts of audiences all over for its cute plot and gorgeous cast. It follows Sarawat who begins a fake relationship with Sine to get rid of an admirer but ends up falling in love. The wedding scene at the end was one of the most satisfying scenes.


2. Hua Jai Sila

>Hua Jai Sila follows a man who comes back to his hometown to exact revenge on his stepmother and brother who tortured him as a child. The final episode where our main lead marries his childhood sweetheart is a fan favorite wedding.


3. Buang Hong

This film follows an upper-class woman who suddenly loses it all in a series of misfortunes and ends up having to work at a hotel as a waitress after she is caught trying to steal important files by the owner. Another drama with a gorgeous wedding scene, fans couldn't help but swoon at the gown itself.


4. Jao Sao Chaporkit

This drama follows a man who hires a woman to fake marry him while his real girlfriend finishes her studies abroad so that he does not have to marry the girl his parents are trying to set him up with. Watch as they dance around each other's feelings in this sweet pretend romance.


5. Rahut Rissaya

>Rahut Rissaya is a Thai revenge drama series that follows a young heiress who just lost her parents and rights to her company. She decides to exact her revenge by threatening the man her cousin is in a relationship with but does not expect to fall in love with him.


6. My Husband In Law

Starring Thai sensations Prin Suparat and Mew Nittha as the main leads, this series follows Thien who ends up in a very dangerous situation after sleeping with the wife of a Thai mobster. He is forced to marry Muay for his safety but ends up falling in love with her.


7. Lom Son Ruk

Thai sensation Nadech Kugimaya plays twins Pran and Pranon in this romance series. It follows Patarin who has just been left with a huge debt by her ex-boyfriend and meets Pranon, a doctor who strikes a deal. He promises to pay up her debt only if both enter a fake marriage.


8. Madame Baan Na

This rom-com drama revolves around the story of a woman who is on the tail of a murder case of her loved one and decides that to run a proper investigation she has to take up a fake identity and personality. She ends up becoming the "fake" wife of high society diplomat.


9. Sapai Import

This hilarious and heartfelt drama follows two people who are forced into a fake marriage for 6 months to fulfill a loved one's dying wish to see them married to each other. But things are starting to seem a little too real between the two and they must grapple with these newfound feelings.


10. Full House

This adorable romance starring Thai sensation Mike D'Angelo is about a woman who was swindled of her home by a clever seller and now must enter a contract marriage with the current occupant of her home to keep it. This film has adorable chemistry between the main leads and is worth watching!