Article: Top 10 Most Stylish Thai Actors You Should Follow On Instagram

While our K-pop idols and Korean actors are ruling this world for their impeccable style, Thai entertainers are not that far behind. Famous actors like Win Metawin, Gulf Kunawat, and others have made a significant impact not just in the entertainment industry but also in the fashion scene. Besides their charisma and star power, they boast a great sense of style. On Instagram, these stars show off their style, offering their refreshing take on men’s fashion.

1. Bright Vachirawit

Vachirawit Chivaaree, also known as Bright Vachirawit, is one of the hottest male actors with over 18.5 million followers, with a striking unique style. The star of 2gether: The Series likes to wear casual pieces but knows how to stand out. In 2022, Bright became the first brand ambassador of Burberry from the South Asia Pacific. He embraces a casual yet dapper style and goes for a neutral tone. He is also the founder of ASTRO Stuffs.

2. Mew Suppasit

Suppasit Jongcheceecat, known as Mew is a famous Thai singer-songwriter, actor, CEO, and producer, known for his role in TharnType: The Series. He has 5.8 million followers on Instagram, where he shares his chic looks. He is seen flaunting fusion trends and isn’t afraid of experimenting with bold Colors. He can blend minimalist outfits with daring accessories, creating an incredible look. He also weeds tailored suits that fans love.

3. Nani Hirunkit

Hirunkit Changkham, also known as Nani, is an actor, singer, and model. The F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flower actor seems to have a lot of fun with fashion, and tends to mix up with different prints, textures, and Color’s in his outfit. We can see that in his Disneyland look, in which he styles a pink striped mohair sweater with jeans.

4. Win Metawin

Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, also known as Win, has a knack for brilliant outerwear choices. He wears a combination of contemporary fashion along with a lot of monochromatic looks. He also likes to wear casual style and stands out as he opts for well-fitted attires, crisp shirts, tailored jeans, and stylish jackets. He is the brand ambassador of Prada, a luxury Italian brand.

5. Mile Phakphum

Phakphum Romsaithong, nicknamed Mile, is a singer-songwriter and actor. Apart from his mesmerizing performance in KinnPorsche: The Series, he is known for his sartorial choices. His style combines classic formalwear with hints of athleisure and evening looks. He is quite often seen wearing a crisp three-piece, sporting hoodies and light jackets, along with a crossbody bag. In 2023, he was made the brand ambassador of Dior.

6. Dew Jirawat

Dew Jirawat’s signature style is based on sophisticated looks. His fashion looks gravitate towards elegant and luxe fits such as printed blazers, suede jackets, tweed suits, and sweater vests. When not seen wearing a suit he wears laid-back styles such as abstract, denim on denim, loungewear looks, and watercolour prints. His closet consists of key pieces such as hoodies, well-designed denim trousers, and loose shirts, as well as a great collection of bags.

7. Gulf Kanawut

Kanawut Traipipattanapong, also called Gulf, is a famous Thai model and actor. While going through his Instagram, it is pretty evident that he loves to experiment with bold colors in various styles. He fearlessly carries prints and isn't afraid to explore techniques, like sparkling suits, tie-dye looks, and head-to-toe logo mania. His unique style also extends to an impressive collection of footwear.

8. Nine Naphat

When it comes to Nine Naphat, comfort is the key. His fashion choices are a combination of trendsetting edge with casual comfort. His wardrobe is filled with relaxed items such as oversized shirts, oldies, printed sweatshirts, and shorts, along with accessories such as tote bags, baseball caps, and bucket hats. Notably, he is also seen donning brands such as Louis Vuitton and Boss.

9. Jaylerr Krissanapoom

Krissanapoom Pibulsonggram, also known as Jaylerr, is a Thai model, actor, and singer. He serves us with some of the edgiest styles, with a mixture of sweet wear labels and luxury brands. His go-to style has baggy sweatshirts, bucket hats, lots of denim, and oversized shirts.

10. Jirayu Tangsrisuk

Jirayu Tangsrisuk, also known as James, is a famous Thai actor, model, and singer. His style represents versatility with a mix of approachability and sophistication. He is often seen in tailored ensembles, effortlessly pulling off formal looks with well-fitted suits. He favors smart-casual outfits like stylish jackets, knits, crispy and breezy shirts, and quality denim. His style also comprises classic colors and neutral tones, proving why he is Dior’s brand ambassador.