Article: Top 10 A-Rated Thai Movies/Dramas

The world of cinema is filled with numerous movies of various genres. Some may not be as fitting as children or the younger crowd, which is why we need the rates. Movies and TV shows 18+ are rated A, and here is a list of the top 10 such Thai movies which were rated A and the reasons why.

1. The Whole Truth (2021)

This is a horror/thriller movie that explores the plot of two siblings who have to go live with their grandparents after their mother meets with an accident, and upon their stay, they come across a strange-looking hole in the wall of the living room which is only visible to them. It does not need an explanation of why it was rated A since this is a horror movie, and it might scare children with its graphics or too intense a storyline.


2. Highland: Thailand’s Marijuana Awakening (2017)

A sensitive topic to make a series on indeed, and as the title explains, it is

about the history of Thailand with marijuana and the policies and laws

associated with it. It explores how marijuana affects people and may not be

the best fit for underage people or children. It is pretty heavy and not the best source of amusement.


3. Girl From Nowhere (2018)

It is a thriller drama involving heavy topics such as mysteries and bullying. A

girl is infamous for her brooding, mysterious attitude, comes to a new

institution and is determined to ruin lives. There is no happy ending, according to her, and things take a turn for the worse when her high-school secret is revealed.


4. Inhuman Kiss (2019)

It is a horror mixed with romance movie where a young and innocent girl

comes across a “krasue.” It is a vengeful demon who only desires to cause

troubles and problems in the village. Some scenes and topics may get too

much for the younger crowd here and are only fitting for a more mature



5. Ghost Lab (2021)

A movie explores how after experiencing a haunting in their hospital, two

doctors become incredibly obsessed with finding proof of the existence of

ghosts. It is self-evident why a horror movie is rated A, be it for the gore or the spook, which might not be too light to handle.


6. The Maid (2020)

It is a horror-thriller slasher movie that explores the plot of a new maid named Joy coming to work at a house whose previous maid disappeared, and now her ghost haunts the place. She tries to uncover the truth and makes a lot of revelations in this journey. It is spine-chilling, gory, and not for minors to watch.


7. The Judgement (2018)

This drama explores the storyline of a college student and her life turned

upside-down after an incident. It explores the toxicity of her school and many things to unfold. The topics in this drama can be heavy for the crowd,

especially the younger crowd.


8. Sleepless Society: Two Pillows & A Lost Soul (2020)

It is an intense storyline focusing on a motivational speaker who plans to

divorce her husband. Still, everything goes haywire when after a party, she

wakes up to find a dead body and the consequences that follow. The subject

of this drama is too severe and sensitive, so it is not for a younger crowd to



9. Answer For Heaven (2019)

A rather distinct storyline where a righteous fallen angel has to work with a

ratings-obsessed reported and assist them in investigating crimes in a very

competitive office environment. While it may sound light to watch, some

scenes could be triggering, so it is wise not to watch if you are not above 18.


10. Hurts Like Hell (2022)

Inspired by actual events, it explores the dark side of the sport of Muay Thai.

It includes gambling, illegal match-fixing, and sensitive issues not ideal for the younger crowd to watch. The topics here are mature and hence, suitable for adults above 18.