Article: Top 10 Action Heroes of Thai

Action movies are a widely popular topic among the mass, especially among ordinary people. They add a good amount of adrenaline rush and anticipation for the much-awaited public. Hence, to make a good action movie, it is essential that the actors, too, know how to perform each of the choreographed action sequences without making a fool of themselves. Here, given down are the top ten action heroes of Thai cinemas.

1. Buakaw Banchamek

Sombat Banchamek is a professional martial artist of ethnic Kai descent. He previously fought for Por. Pramuk Gym from Bangkok. Back then, his ring name was Buakaw Por. Pramuk. He has also competed in sports competitions of kickboxing and Muay Thai. He has worked amazingly in movies like Broken Sword Hero, Samurai Ayothaya, and Yamada: The Samurai of Ayothaya.


2. Phutharit Prombandal

He is known for his commendable action and fighting skills in the various films he has acted in, such as Fireball (2009), Sming Pran (Hunter) (2014), and Bodyguard Morlam Dusit (2022). He has flaunted his fantastic acting skills in other movies as well, and he truly is good at all that he does.


3. Arucha Tosawat

He is famous for his unforgettable roles in movies such as Fireball as Tun and The Meat Grinder. All his action moves show his dedication to the job, and it is incredible how all his activities are so smooth and perfect. His action scenes look perfectly choreographed.


4. JeeJa Yanin

She is wholly known for her unique and phenomenal role in the movie Chocolate. She gave a fantastic performance, and her action sequences were perfect. They were neither unrealistic nor exaggerated. She is also a martial artist who specializes in the art of Muay Thai, so it is not a surprise why she performed each of the action scenes so skillfully and flawlessly.


5. Taejoo Na

He is a South Korean actor but famous for his role in the movie The Kick as Taeyang. He is also a martial artist who specializes in the skill of Taekwondo. Not only that, but he also won the KNSU Taekwondo competition back in 2007. No doubt he is so good at the action scenes which he performs on screen. They are perfect, and he most probably, rarely required second takes.


6. Tony Jaa

Regarding this list, we could never miss this one-person army. He is skilled and good at everything he does. He is a phenomenal actor, a devoted martial artist and stuntman, a fantastic choreographer, and a director. He is particularly famous for his roles in the movies of Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong. His acting skills are on point and a worthwhile watch for people.


7. Seigi Ozeki

This actor is well-known for his unique and phenomenal roles in the movies Yamada: The Samurai of Ayothaya and The Man with the Iron Fists. He is also a martial artist, and his action scenes are so smooth that he can easily be called one of the best action heroes.


8. Ocean Hou

He is well-known for his commendable roles in Man of Tai Chi, The Blood Bond, Attrition, The Man with the Iron Fists, and many more. He is a loved actor, and understandably so because not only his acting amazing but also his action skills.


9. Dan Chupong

Everyone knows him as one of the lead actors of Ong Bak. He is famous for his notable roles in Born To Fight, Dynamite Fighter, and many more. He is a professional martial artist, which explains and accounts for his fantastic action roles. He portrays his skills perfectly well in all his movies, winning the hearts of the audience.


10. Supaksorn Chaimongkol

This actress is not only charming but fierce and fabulous at action roles. She is well-known for her roles in Kunpan: Legend of the Warlord, Chai Lai Angels, and Bangkok Knockout. Although she did not get martial arts training before, she still is fantastic at her action sequences.